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Growing up, I had the benefit of learning from my father, Robert Feirman, real estate investor and founder of The Feirman Corporation.  Dad has invested in and operated apartment, office and retail properties for 30 years.  I learned a lot from him and benefitted by ... more


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Use The Bounce To Clean Up Your Portfolio
Stock markets have experienced a nice bounce so far this week but it’s just a relief rally. Nothing has changed; the bear market is by no means over.
MU: Demand Has Collapsed
Semiconductor manufacturer Micron reported 3Q22 earnings for the quarter ended August 31 after the close Thursday.
KMX: Consumers Are Scrapping Discretionary Purchases
Leading used car retailer CarMax reported 3Q22 earnings for the period ended August 31 Thursday morning.
Interpreting FDX: Company Specific Or Macro Canary?
Federal Express preannounced disastrous earnings last Thursday afternoon and filled in the specifics yesterday when it reported the actual numbers
GIS: 52-Week Highs
General Mills reported 3Q22 earnings this morning and is now trading at 52-week highs.
AZO Is Recession Proof
Autozone is one of the few stocks in the market that has not broken down. With the Fed tightening into a recession the inflation trade is over for the moment and it’s time to play defense. AZO suits the situation perfectly.
FDX: The Global Economy Is Rolling Over
Federal Express​​​​ – an economic bellwether – issued a warning Thursday afternoon after the close that all investors should pay attention to.
“This Report Is A Nightmare”
The stock market rallied hard from last Wednesday through Monday in anticipation of a soft inflation print that would allow the Fed to start to pivot from its hawkish stance.
KR Is The Ultimate Defensive Stock
Kroger, which sells groceries to middle America, is in the sweet spot for the current macro environment.
Will The Fed Overshoot?
While the Fed is right that letting inflation linger would be a grave mistake they could also kill the patient with too high a dosage of medication.
DOCU Is Due For A Bounce
DOCU is still the leading e-signature solution in a secular growth industry as more and more business will continue to get done online.
No Growth Problems At AVGO And LULU
Perhaps AVGO and LULU are just superior companies that are able to manage the macro headwinds better than others.
BBY Earnings Show Consumer Tightening Up
Best Buy's 2Q22 earnings report Tuesday morning clearly shows that consumers are tightening up.
The Market Will Trade In A Range For The Rest Of The Year; Recession Coming In 2023
What the Fed would like more than anything is to be able to tighten financial conditions by talking tough rather than actually having to raise rates and run off their balance sheet because that runs the risk of seriously derailing the economy.
Powell Lectures The Market
Fed Chair Jerome Powell used his awaited speech in Jackson Hole to lecture the market. Powell was annoyed by the market’s presumption in rallying on the idea that inflation has peaked. Ultimately, however, I suspect the market will be proven right.
SJM: Boring Is Beautiful Revisited
As a result of its strong quarter, JM Smucker raised full-year EPS guidance to $8.20-$8.60 from $7.85-$8.25.
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