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Growing up, I had the benefit of learning from my father, Robert Feirman, real estate investor and founder of The Feirman Corporation. Dad has invested in and operated apartment, office and retail properties for 30 years. I learned a lot from him and benefitted by his example. At more

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Sell The Pop In GME As Its Business Remains In Terminal Decline
The GameStop episode will forever have its place in stock market lore, but that moment is over. GME reported 4Q22 earnings Tuesday afternoon and unsurprisingly, no turnaround is in sight and the business remains in terminal decline.
The Fed Should Pause
There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty and disagreement about what the Fed will and should do on Wednesday.
First Republic On The Brink
I have no doubt that First Republic (FRC) is a superior bank. At the same time, any bank under a fractional reserve model is subject to a loss of confidence by its depositors resulting in a bank run.
Inflation Is Dead; Deflation Is At Hand
Inflation is yesterday’s news. The Fed had already crushed it with all its rate hikes and the failure of Silicon Valley bank and its collateral damage is ushering in deflation.
FRC does not have a solvency problem. That is, the value of its liabilities is not greater than the value of its assets.
The Fog Of War: Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic, Fractional Reserve Banking And Bank Runs
If you’re looking for a guru to tell you how everything surrounding the failure of Silicon Valley Bank is going to play out, you’ve come to the wrong place. I have no idea, but I will tell you why nobody knows what’s going to happen.
Reminiscences Of 2007: SIVB, Bear Stearns And The Fed Decision
As everybody prepares for tomorrow morning’s Jobs Report, I’m focused on Silicon Valley Bank, a small bank that caters to early-stage technology companies.
CPB Is In Its Sweet Spot
CPB's fundamental story continues to be stellar.
Will The Fed Make A Policy Mistake?
A 50-point hike would be a policy mistake. That’s because inflation in the real world is rolling over and the economy can’t handle that much tightening.
Looking Ahead: Jobs Report, CPI, And The Fed
For the next few weeks, macro will take center stage leading up to the Fed Decision on March 22. There is a good deal of uncertainty heading into the next Fed Decision, and which decision they make may be decisive for short-term market direction.
Speculating On A COST Membership Fee Increase
With comps up 7.4% in January and 7.3% in December, COST would be acting from a position of strength. If they do in fact increase the membership fee, expect the stock to jump.
RIVN May Be A $0
As cool as the trucks may be, RIVN remains a speculation, not an investment. There is a significant probability that this company won’t make it.
TGT: Righting The Ship
Target just reported 4Q22 earnings and they support my thesis that the company is slowly but surely righting the ship.
Value In ZM
ZM has about 25% of its market cap in cash and short-term securities. So you’re really only paying $56 for the business. And that business is highly profitable.
Zoom Video: Tracking The Ultimate Bubble Stock
Zoom may be the ultimate bubble stock. In October 2020 as the pandemic raged and we were all Zooming each other from lockdown shares reached almost $600 giving the company a market cap near $200 billion. Today its shares are down almost 90% to $74.
Market Preview For The Week Of Feb. 27-March 3
Next week will see a number of my holdings report earnings, including Kroger, Target, Costco, and AutoZone. Let's take a look at what they may have in store.
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