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Growing up, I had the benefit of learning from my father, Robert Feirman, real estate investor and founder of The Feirman Corporation.  Dad has invested in and operated apartment, office and retail properties for 30 years.  I learned a lot from him and benefitted by ... more

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Whistling Past The Graveyard
US markets don’t seem concerned about it but China is a key part of the global economy and problems there will almost certainly have ripple effects. I’m no expert on Evergrande or China but I think this is a bigger deal than markets are making of it.
Russell Closes Below 50 DMA, Bad Breadth, Interest Rates Still Look Higher, The Crowd Believes
For the first time in 96 sessions, according to Sentimentrader, the Russell 2000 closed below its 50 DMA. This is important because the Russell has been leading this market higher, outperforming other benchmarks since the beginning of November 2020.
Is The Bounce Over?, A Look At Reopen Value
Two weeks ago, on Saturday March 6, I announced “The Bounce Is Here” based off of the intraday reversal on Friday March 5. At the time, I believed that the bull market was over.
Anatomy Of The Bounce, TLT Bear Market, Fed This Afternoon
By using the term “bounce” to describe the rally we’ve seen over the previous eight sessions, I’m not prejudging the issue of whether this is a bounce in a new bear market or a recovery from a correction in an ongoing bull market.
My IWM Short Mistake, Rising Rates And Real Estate
The 10 Year Treasury Yield jumped 11 basis points to 1.635% Friday – and is now up 72 basis points YTD – but stocks shrugged it off. While the indexes got hit hard in the morning, especially the Nasdaq, they rallied back to finish the day strong.
Tech Bounces Hard, Cathie Baby, Dead Cat Bounce Or End Of The Correction?, ORCL Earnings Preview
It was bound to happen: After months of underperformance versus Value, Growth (which is mostly tech) bounced hard yesterday (Tuesday). In a reversal of the recent trend, the S&P Growth ETF was +3.08% while the S&P Value ETF was -0.26%.
Friday’s Anemic Bounce Attempt, The Week In A Nutshell: Rising Rates Cause Rotation From Growth To Value
Including our premarket video for Monday morning.
The Messiahs Of Momentum, Shopify And Walmart Earnings Preview
In 3Q20, Shopify reported 96% revenue growth and Adjusted EPS of $1.13 – compared to a 29 cent loss a year ago. However, the stock is up an incredible 33% in the last two weeks and trades for 84x Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) sales. Say what?
Week In Review: MJ Highs And Lows, Rising Commodity Prices, Rising Interest Rates, Lower VIX
Stocks continued their relentless rise higher last week as the S&P rose 1.23% to 3,935, the Nasdaq rose 1.72% to 14,095 and the Russell rose 2.97% to 2,289 – all new All Time Closing Highs.
MJ: Mary Jane’s Last Dance, Global Stocks +$50 Trillion Since Pandemic, Microcap And Penny Stocks, UBER Earnings
Tesla, GameStop, Bitcoin and now Marijuana Stocks. We’ve experienced a succession of mini-bubbles that I’ve never seen before.
A ‘Perfect Week,' The Most Expensive Market In History, And No Profits, No Fear
The S&P recorded a “perfect week” last week in which it was up all five days and closed the week at an ATH. The NASDAQ just missed by being down 0.02% on Wednesday.
The Tell And Inside Wednesday
Wednesday's trading resulted in some real technical damage with the S&P closing below its 21 Day Moving Average (DMA) for the first time since November 3, 2020. The 50 DMA at 3,710 appears to be very much in play today at this early hour.
Inside Friday’s Bank Earnings, The Age Of Magic Money And 3,749
4Q Earnings Season kicked off for real on Friday with JP Morgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo reporting.
This Will End In Tears
Despite Democrats taking control of the Senate, a riot at the Capitol that was egged on by the current President, and a negative jobs report, the stock market had a terrific first week of 2021 (S&P: +1.8%, Nasdaq: +2.4%, and Russell: +5.9%).
Economic Growth, QE Infinity And The Great Disconnect
Economic growth is caused by an increase in productivity. The causes of this are increased capital intensity, innovation, a better educated workforce, etc.
Investors Are All In With A Weak Hand
I could’ve been a contender. Forgive me my nostalgia but everybody who knows me hears this story at one point or another. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a professional caliber poker player with 15 years of experience.
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