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Graham Summers is Chief Market Strategist for Phoenix Capital Research, an independent investment research firm based in Washington DC with clients in 56 countries around the world.

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Stocks Rolled Over Again… Is A Crash About To Hit?
Stocks are going to revisit the lows.
Healthcare Stocks Suggest This Rally Has Legs
This morning the market is in the red as it tests the lower trendline. If this holds, we should start the next leg up to 3,250 today or tomorrow.
Stocks Have Overdone It Again
The market got hit yesterday in a big way, but the selling was well contained.
Ignore The Media, Let’s See What The Market Says Is Really Going On
The market got hit yesterday in a big way, but the selling was well contained.
The Greatest Period Of Wealth Generation In History Has Arrived
While the mainstream media continues fearmongering, assuring us that coronavirus or some other issue will soon crash the stock market, stocks are signaling something else completely.
What Is The Market Telling Us About Coronavirus?
The media continues to send out articles suggesting that the coronavirus is a massive problem that could wipe out a large portion of humanity. I can’t help wondering that if that is actually possible, why has China’s stock market fallen less than 10%
Is The Fed Trying To Crash The Markets To Hurt President Trump?
As you know, I’ve been extremely bullish on stocks for the last few months. Much of that bullishness was driven by the fact that the Fed was aggressively easing monetary policy while the economy was still growing at a moderate pace.
Is The Fed About To Intentionally Crash The Markets?
Stocks broke the uptrend (blue line) last week. They only just held critical support (red line). Had they not, it would have been an absolute bloodbath,
Retail Sales Confirm What We Said Last Month - GDP Is Clocking In Over 3%
More and more evidence suggests the U.S. economy is in fact roaring, not contracting. Year over year, retail sales just hit growth of 6.1%, the highest level in nearly seven years.
Four Reasons Why Stocks Will Explode Higher In 2020
Forget earnings, forget the economy, forget the trade deal, forget all of the stuff the media tells you to focus on. The markets care about one thing and one thing only: liquidity.
Forget What Economists Claim, Real GDP Growth Is North Of 3%
Forget everything the mainstream media and economists are telling you about a recession, the U.S. economy is roaring.
Stocks Are About To Ignite $3.4 Trillion In Rocket Fuel
Stocks touched 3,100 last week and then gapped even higher into the low 3100s.
The Fed Is Going To Push Stocks To Levels You Won’t Believe
The Fed just expanded its balance sheet by $250 billion in eight weeks.
What If Bonds Are Right About The Real Risk Of A Crisis Hitting Now?
With this morning’s breakout, stocks have finally moved to within spitting distance of their upside target as predicted by the credit markets.
Could Stocks Crash This Fall?
Deep down, stocks know what’s coming.
What Exactly Does The Fed Know That We Don’t?
Over the last week, multiple Fed officials have surfaced to suggest the Fed needs to start cutting interest rates right now.
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