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Graham Summers is Chief Market Strategist for Phoenix Capital Research, an independent investment research firm based in Washington DC with clients in 56 countries around the world.

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If Gold Is Going To Explode Higher, It Should Happen In The Next 48 Hours?
If gold is going to explode higher, the move should start today or tomorrow.
This Coming Move Will Take Your Breath Away
Gold continues to hold up surprisingly well despite USD strength. The precious metal is coining tighter and tighter into a triangle formation. When the breakout finally comes, it will be violent.
Something Big Is Brewing In The Gold Markets?
Gold is preparing for a major move in the next two to three weeks. The precious metal is in a large multi-month triangle formation. The coming move will be violent when it hits.
Why Stocks Are Going To Go Into A Massive Bubble In The Next 12 Months?
The market will likely hit new all-time highs this week.
Stocks Are About To Reclaim Their Bull Channel
Stocks will be reclaiming their bull market channel that has guided the markets since early April. 
Two Charts Every Trader Needs To Watch This Week
Stocks are up slightly this morning, most likely due to President Trump’s rapid recovery from COVID-19.
Monday Market Forecast: Your Blueprint For This Week
Stocks are down sharply this morning. This means they’ve taken out their first level of support (top blue line) and will now test secondary support.
This Is Where The Next Major Market Move Will Hit
Leadership has changed in the markets. Since the March lows, tech, specifically cloud-based tech has lead the markets higher.
Stocks Struggle, But Gold Is Looking Better And Better
Stocks began to bounce yesterday. The question now is if this bounce has legs or if it’s just a blip in a new downtrend.
Is This Just A Correction… Or The Start Of A Crash?
Stocks are a bloodbath this morning. To be fair, the market was extremely overbought going into this correct. So, we are more than due for a drop.
Four Charts Every Investor Needs To See Today To Know What Comes Next
For all of the carnage, the S&P 500 held its bull market trendline. If the top is indeed in as many are claiming, we should take this line out shortly. Something to watch before panicking.
The Fed Just Printed More In Six Months Than It Did From 2008-2016
The Fed has long averred that inflation was nowhere to be found… that it if ever did show up that the Fed could easily contain it… and that truthfully none of us need to worry about inflation ever getting out of control.
Why Jerome Powell’s Only Option Is Inflation
The single biggest issue for the world today is that there is too much debt in the financial system.
Gold And Silver Are Bubbling… And The Fed Is In Major Trouble
The sell-off in precious metals last week barely put a dent in their rally.
Why Do The Same Stocks Keep Rallying Day After Day Like Clockwork?
The stock market is up this morning on “start of the month” buying for pension funds and other large financial institutions.
Why Are Stocks Rallying Despite The Economic Collapse?
On Thursday the U.S. reported its worst ever quarter for economic growth, a whopping 9.5% contraction that comes to an annualized pace of 32.9%. Stocks actually rallied on the news.
1 to 16 of 156 Posts
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