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U.S. Consumers Strangled By Another Double Increase In Prices And Rates
The share of personal interest repayments in the consumer budget is rising more than ten times faster than in 2008.
How Much Gold Do The French Own?
France is known for having the fourth-largest stock of gold in the world, even though the country ranks 23rd in wealth per capita.
Gold ETF Rush In China
While outflows are intensifying in the West, the opposite is happening in China. Confirmation of gold's breakout has led to a 30% rise in ETF gold outstandings in just a few days.
Why Gold Is Breaking Records: The Story Of The 1970s
It's still too early to know whether a second wave of inflation will occur, but gold seems to suspect it.
China's Central Bank Purchases Gold For 17th Consecutive Month
China’s central bank purchased gold for its reserves for a 17th straight month in March, extending a buying spree that has helped the price of the precious metal surge to a record.
U.S. Monetary And Fiscal Policy Driving Precious Metals Higher
This week, the U.S. Department of the Treasury began its bond-buying program.
Silver Makes A Big Move, As Gold Vs. U.S. Debt And Money Supply Breakout
When gold outperforms US Government Debt, it is in a massive bull market. That we've broken out of such a large structure suggests we could be in for a gold bull market for the ages.
Inflation Set To Remain Persistently High In Europe
Inflation is set to remain persistently high in Europe.
Gold Benefits From Currency Wars
The macroeconomic event of the week comes from Japan, where the yen recorded its lowest level against the US dollar since 1990.
Central Banks' Gold Rush Intensifies
Gold is attracting growing interest in an international environment marked by multiple challenges and a climate of permanent uncertainty. 
As Gold Makes All Time High, Silver Is About To Play Catch Up
Over the past few weeks, gold has stolen the show as it again pierced the all-important $2,000 level before ascending to a fresh all time high around $2,180.
The United States Enters Into Stagflation: Gold Breaks New Records
The new wave of inflation that we have been deciphering in our articles over the past few weeks has not been accompanied this time by a marked improvement in the US economy.
JPMorgan Forecasts A Gold Price Of $2,500
In a January 2024 publication, JP Morgan unveiled its outlook for the gold price.
International Growth: The New Asian Dragons
Today, Asia's GDP accounts for almost 30% of the world's, and this figure is rising all the time.
Gold And Silver: Soon The Start Of A Historic Rally?
Gold has just broken all its historical records, but we will certainly experience a consolidation phase before the real takeoff.
Gold Makes New All Time High, But This Is Just The Beginning
This week, Gold set a new daily high in US Dollars just shy of $2,150.
1 to 16 of 421 Posts
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