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Fabrice Drouin Ristori is the CEO and founder of He follows and analyzes the gold and silver markets since 2008. Fabrice shares his thoughts on the economy, stock markets, geopolitics, gold and silver.

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Gold And Silver On The Edge Of A Large Move
Gold targeting $1700+, possibly $1800 area. Silver somewhere in the $20-$22 range, with $24-$28 a possibility.
The Caracas Syndrome
In Venezuela, the stock market goes up because the currency devalues... The same is true in New York. The rise in the stock market on Wall Street is an optical illusion, like that of Caracas.
Gold, The 7th Sense Of The Financial Markets
As usual, the world is keeping its eyes fixed on the price of gold in dollars. However, the ounce has already surpassed its historical high in many currencies.
Silver And The Massacre Of New Year's Eve
The silver goal is $ 21, which is expected to be reached in January. This level should then be broken, leading to a very sharp rise in short-squeeze mode at the end of February.
China Gold Reserves & Chindia Demand
China's gold reserves stood at 62.64 million ounces (about 1,948 metric tons) at the end of November, central bank data showed Saturday.
The Beginning Of A Flight From Money?
In OECD countries, the balance sheet of central banks has risen from the equivalent of 10% of GDP in 2008 to more than 30% today, a threefold increase in ten years.
Ideal Period To Accumulate Silver
We are entering the ideal period to accumulate silver.
The Very Big Fish In The Silver's Aquarium
This big fish caused the sharp rise of silver in late August, which looked a lot like a short squeeze. The other sharks had to buy back their short positions in a hurry.
Chindia And Silk Road Gold Consumption
Chindia and Silk Road gold demand for September.
Silver: Double Bottom Before Any Cyclical Upward Movement
The long-term silver chart shows - before any cyclical upward movement - an important element: a large double bottom.
After The ECB, It Is The Fed's Turn To Relaunch The Printing Press
It is the banking sector that is of concern on both sides of the Atlantic. Zero rates help deficit countries, but they lead to bank accounts being strained.
Silver: The Road Towards 31$
Since 2011, it had been verified, month after month, that the bullion bank’s trading software for silver is based on the Fibonacci’s fan.
European Gold Imports & Exports
European Union gold imports and exports for July 2019.
ECB: The Ongoing Headlong Rush
Mario Draghi had the nerve to say that "negative rates have been actually a very positive experience in terms of stimulating growth, sustaining inflation"; while there has been absolutely no progress on these two indicators.
Precious Metals: The Time Of Consolidation
After the very strong surge of gold during the last three months, it would be logical to witness a consolidation. Since the threshold of $1,350 has played a major role since 2013, a pullback on this resistance seems necessary.
Why The Gold Price Expressed In Euros Is Beating Its Historical Record
A fundamental event went unnoticed last week: expressed in euros, the price of an ounce of gold surpassed its historic record from October 4, 2012 (€ 1380).
1 to 16 of 142 Posts
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