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Fabrice Drouin Ristori is the CEO and founder of He follows and analyzes the gold and silver markets since 2008. Fabrice shares his thoughts on the economy, stock markets, geopolitics, gold and silver.

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The Funny Joke Of Central Banks: If Inflation Comes Back, We'll Be Raising Interest Rates
Even the central banks are looking at the return of inflation, that's who should alert all savers and investors around the world.
Gold/Silver Ratio Has Broken Down
Gold/Silver ratio has broken down - Gold rising, with silver rising even faster.
What If The Debt Doesn't Matter? Is This Realistic?
What if the explosion of its amount all over the world since the coronavirus crisis had no harmful consequences? What if we could even get rid of some of it without incurring any damage?
Silver Takes Flight
Silver is expected to break through $26 resistance in mid-August, before bumping into resistance at $27.50 and hanging off a bit. The level of $30 could be reached at the end of September, a deadline each year very important for the silver market.
Gold Price Hits All-Time High, And It's Not Over Yet
The immediate question is: will the price of gold decline as it did in 2011 or will it continue to rise? Forecasting is always risky, but the answer seems clear enough to us.
Silver: Every Dip Will Be A Buying Opportunity
It is evident that silver is moving as in the past and, as in the past, the rise can be impressive.
European Recovery Plan: Still More Debt
The logic of debt has prevailed: after national debt, European debt, the money is definitely flowing. All this for a "recovery" and "growth" that will not happen.
A Big Silver Bull Market Has Started
Gold/Silver ratio breaking down again. A huge silver bull market is being born.
Central Banks + Energy Transition: The End Of The Market Economy?
Fundamentally, it must be understood that running the printing presses and extending subsidies and regulations amounts to creating a gigantic bubble, putting the whole economy into weightlessness.
Gold Prices Move Up Is Likely To Be Rapid
Gold is entering the red zone with room to run in terms of distance from the 60-day moving average.
ECB Offers €1.3tn At -1% To Rescue European Banks
Finance is walking on its head but, according to the ECB, it's for the right cause since it's about supporting credit.
The Great Reset
The "Great Reset" will bring all developed countries to re-industrialize, with modern factories, robotized to the extreme.
Gold, VIX, Silver, HUI: 2008 Vs Now
The extreme movements of volatility (VIX​) have often accompanied movements of opposite sign in the precious metals.
Gold To Store Individual Freedom
The value of gold is much more a matter of human psychology before being a matter for economists. Richard Detente also explains why you should insure yourself against a monetary crisis by owning gold.
European Banks Are Highly Exposed To The Current Crisis
To what extent will European banks withstand the current crisis? This is a crucial question because the recession we are experiencing could be followed by a banking crisis that would affect the whole economy even more severely.
Is The Fed Letting Go Of The World Economy ?
Many of us now think that central banks are leading the way and covering the back of the markets with their monetary injections.
1 to 16 of 177 Posts
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