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I enjoy the process of building and improving businesses, trading strategies, web-based software applications, and marketing campaigns. 
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The Fed Can’t Calm The Animal Spirits
Markets don’t like this tension between the Fed and the White House. It’s not good for the “animal spirits” that often move the market before the economic data justifies the market’s trend.
These Big Profit Setups Always Happen When The Market Pulls Back
When the market sells off, weak stocks get hit and many never come back. At the same time, the stocks that the big institutions like hold up, or sell off in a smaller degree. Many of these stocks become the leaders of the next market rally.
What Gold, Lumber, Bonds & The Mid-Term Elections Are All Indicating About Stocks
Here we discuss the inter-market relationships that you should be keeping an eye on now. These relationships can help you anticipate the major trends in the market.
Several Sectors Turn Upside Down. Who’s Next?
Last week stocks tried to move into a bullish phase by moving over the 50-day moving average, but ran into some headwinds with rising rates, and a couple of sectors that turned upside down.
The Best Indicator In Volatile Markets
When markets get volatile and 'unpredictable' a basic understanding of the opening range will keep you on the right side of the biggest moves.
How To Avoid Getting Stopped Out Of Good Trades By Market Gaps
When the market has a big gap down it’s easy to get scared out of your long trades that have been pulled down by the market.
The Best Trump Trade Wasn't Made In America
After four days of consolidation in the S&P 500 last week, if it continues to drop lower in the following week, this could be a confirmation of an encroaching bear market.
3 Patterns That Identify Market Leaders To Buy On Market Pullbacks
Market pullbacks to major moving averages provide a great opportunity to find the stocks and ETFs that will provide great trades when the market recovers or even before!
Feeding Frenzy For The Bears
Last week was another week in which key indexes were pushed into further declines right to the edge of key support. One of the best indicators for determining where the markets are heading in the short term is the Russell 2000.
FV Have The QQQ's Wrecked The Bull Market?
Friday’s tech wreck followed a pattern that you can easily identify, so that you can avoid getting caught big down days like the one in QQQ. Let's review one of the patterns.
The Next Leg Up In The Market Will Look Like This
Here's what the next leg up in the bull market may look like.
FV Two Ways To Make More & Get Stopped Out Less
Today’s market sell-off is a good example of how powerful round numbers can be in preventing you from getting washed out of good trades.
The Bull Bear Standoff
This week had its fair share of potential catalysts that could have begun the next major market move up or down. Market Outlook focuses on the key charts and indicators to watch to determine when the market is ready to move.
Why The Market May Be Consolidating On Quick Sand
Since the momentum of the market according to these indicator has reached a very precarious level for the bulls, I think this is a very timely opportunity to share this perspective with you.
FV How To Profit When The Bulls Hijack Your Bearish Key Reversal Pattern
How to anticipate when a bearish reversal will fail.
The Dangerous Price Level In IWM That No One Is Focused On (Yet)
Tuesday’s sell-off brought some of the major indexes down to some attractive levels. However, it’s also caused the IWM to flirt with a very dangerous condition that no one is talking about!
1 to 16 of 37 Posts
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