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GDP And The Three Bears
This week we learned that Q1 GDP rose more than expected (3.2% vs. 2.5% estimates. But that’s just the headline. More importantly, there is the rest of the story. If you look “under the hood” you’ll find three bears.
Top 7 Contenders In The U.S. Marijuana Market
Seven marijuana stocks you may want to keep your eye on for big trend trades.
If It Looks Like A Bear, And Acts Like A Bear...
The commonly accepted definition of a bear market is misleading and dangerous. “Bear Market” implies it’s dangerous to buy stocks, but based on the commonly accepted definition, the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 indexes aren’t there yet.
The Market Is Playing Defense Against Trump’s Trade Disputes
On Friday afternoon, news of talks with China about resolving the trade standoff pushed the SPY, DIA and IWM higher, but does this mean you should be bullish?
The Bulls Are Moving To Different Pastures
This week the tech weakness broadened to the point where the QQQ ended the week with a red weekly candle while the other three market indexes ended green.
Bulls & Bears: Never Let These Sleeping Dogs Lie
The collapse in the Turkish Lira roiled markets around the globe. This catalyst fanned the fears of trade wars destabilizing stocks, pouring gas on the fire burning under the rising dollar, and fueling a flight to safety in U.S. bonds.
Why You Shouldn’t Trust The Gap On Monday
One big take away from Friday is talk about earnings season are of strong numbers. This sets the market up to be easily disappointed. So while earning season is sounding like a “positive” we need to be very cautious of any significant down momentum.
Tomorrow’s Big News Will Be In This ETF
Tomorrow, before the open, earnings season has the opportunity to ignite bullish sentiment in stock.
Is The IWM About To Surprise Us?
Over the last week the IWM has shown the strongest leadership among the US stock indexes.
More Hidden Consolidation
Yesterday the market had a lot of travel or range. It ran up, and then fell back.
Simple Secrets Of January: Identify Trends & Tops
After a strong bull run from 2009 to 2017 it's prudent to consider these two questions. What if the market stalls out, and becomes range bound for 20 years? How can you stay with the current trend, without getting caught long at the market top?
The SPY’s Lonely Island
Friday’s low is significant because of the island top pattern, and a break below it would be more bearish than a normal day’s low.
The Weak Got Weaker, And The Strong…
Thursday’s pattern in the sector summary table is clear. The stronger sectors moved up and the weaker sectors moved down, but nothing moved more than a percent either way.
The Bulls Are Getting Stronger
Today the market as a whole was mixed and seemed interested in, but unable to, move higher. IWM was the strongest of the stock indexes, but it’s also the farthest from its all-time highs.
Will Grandma Retail Whip This Bull Market Into Shape?
Today, TLT fell again, and this time IYR and XLU both had big down days as we’d expect. Had the TLT’s reversed and gone higher today, I suspect the IYR and XLU would not have sold off.
Are The Transports About To Take Off To New Highs!
TLT, VXX, and GLD all had big declines and the SPY broke out to new highs with its biggest one day percent gain since April.
1 to 16 of 58 Posts
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