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I enjoy the process of building and improving businesses, trading strategies, web-based software applications, and marketing campaigns. 
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How To Play The Biggest Bubble "Inside" The Stock Market Since The Collapse In 2000
The stock market is currently in an extremely bullish mode fueled by a "bubble" inside the market that's unsustainable and unpredictably bullish.
How To Trade A Taxing Market
Last week investors were whipsawed with financially and emotionally taxing news and price action. The market reaction was swift, decisive, and ugly, but as you'll read below, there was a silver lining.
Up, Up, Up, But Will What's Going Up Come Down?
Last week saw a lot of assets and indicators go up yet again. This is a theme that the market will likely continue to grapple with for the next several weeks or months because we are in the midst of a battle between three very influential “ups”.
Best August Since 1986. Now What
Today the SPY ended its best August performance since 1986 with a market message that is well worth paying attention as soon as tomorrow and well into September. 
Warning Signs Of A Top
The news of last week was the Fed’s announcement about their “updated monetary policy strategy.”
A Unique Market Indicator For Monday
The weekend is the time to step back and look at the Modern Family’s weekly trends and inflection points. This week there are several interesting multi-time frame patterns developing on the daily and weekly charts.
Patterns Combust Into Panic
Grandpa Russel, IWM fell asleep and closed down for the day firmly stuck in a two-week bullish flag. 
No Recovery Happening Here
Low and declining confidence would logically indicate that the economic recovery is happening slower than expected, and this should be bearish for stocks.
Can You Find Profit Taking Rotation Here?
Today was a “Superbowl day” in disguise. Soon either the bulls or bears will celebrate accordingly. Which side are you on?
Market Breadth: Not All Bad News
I understand the frustration of a few stocks having extraordinary influence in the market indexes value. I felt this disappointment on Friday when I found an Industrial Index that closed over its Thursday high, creating a breakout of a bullish flag.
SMH About To Lead The Market Higher Or Lower?
SMH has been one of the leaders of the market since the March low. A break lower in SMH would mean the market is going to need some new leadership.
A Secret Buy Signal
Today was the first time that the SPY opened lower than the prior day’s low since July 24th. The same is true for the QQQ.
The Fed: Friend Or Foe?
Fed’s minutes sent TLT significantly lower which also led to a sell-off in gold and stocks.
Blowout Earnings Report In WMT Benefits Its Competition
The SPY finally closed at an all-time high, and after what seems like weeks of anticipating this moment.
Stocks Like Mondays
It was a quiet news day but Mondays don’t need news to go up. Today’s image represents the percentage of times that Mondays have closed higher then their Friday close since the March bottom.
Did You Know This About XRT And TLT?
Imagine you could go back to February 19, 2020. The SPY has just closed at a new all-time high, and news of the COVID-19 virus causing havoc in China is in the headlines, but this time you know that a pandemic will soon cripple the U.S. economy.
1 to 16 of 89 Posts
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