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Hitler Economics In The Age Of Trump

Date: Monday, June 25, 2018 10:13 AM EDT

It is important to look at all things Hitler when attempting to analyse Donald Trump. Examples of this are the similarity of their statements and actions, including the separation of children from their parents. This was a tactic used by Adolph Hitler for intimidation of Jews before and during the Holocaust. 

While Trump's actions have not risen to the level of evil of Nazi Germany, the inability to relocate parents to children based on this flawed activity is certainly Nazi-like. The suffering of children and of parents who love them is disturbing. The crying and suffering has been documented. It is really a dreadful situation Donald Trump and his compassionless architect Stephen Miller have created. When Steve Bannon was fired by POTUS, Miller was retained. I thought at the time that was a bad sign. 

Trump borrows many sayings and actions from Hitler himself! This is not to say that Obama and other presidents have not dabbled in detention camps, even to the point of separation of children from parents in exceptional cases. It is an all too familiar dark side to American history, starting with slavery. 


Cherkashchyna Ukrainians being deported to Germany to serve as slave labor (OST-Arbeiter), 1942



Perhaps the most subtle Hitler influence on Trump is in the realm of economics. From Mises we have this analysis:

In the 1930s, Hitler was widely viewed as just another protectionist central planner who recognized the supposed failure of the free market and the need for nationally guided economic development. Proto-Keynesian socialist economist Joan Robinson wrote that "Hitler found a cure against unemployment before Keynes was finished explaining it."
What were those economic policies? He suspended the gold standard, embarked on huge public-works programs like autobahns, protected industry from foreign competition, expanded credit, instituted jobs programs, bullied the private sector on prices and production decisions, vastly expanded the military, enforced capital controls, instituted family planning, penalized smoking, brought about national healthcare and unemployment insurance, imposed education standards, and eventually ran huge deficits. 

The Mises blog goes on to say that the policies of Hitler are practiced in many nations today.  And it is no surprise that Donald Trump, who is Hitler-lite in so many other facits of his thinking, would adopt his economic program. Other nations have adopted some form of central planning while still supporting free trade, and have not gone to war or committed mass atrocities. Trump has avoided war. I do not condemn all central planning that attempts to modify the ravages of capitalism on some groups. So, what made Hitler different? 

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