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Chief Market Strategist, and CFO of In The Money Stocks, Gareth Soloway has been an avid swing and day trader since his days at Binghamton University where he studied Economics. After college, Gareth quickly excelled as a financial adviser, helping clients get their financial houses in order. ... more


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Swing Trade Buy Level On Caterpillar
Investors are watching a correction in Caterpillar Inc stock over the last week.
Discovery Inc.'s Amazing Chart To Trade Now
The monthly chart on DISCA​​​​​​​ shows why investors should be accumulating shares around the $30.00 level.
JOYY Nears Epic Stock Chart Support Level
When looking at the stock chart, investors should note the major support level approaching between $67.50 and $65.50. This chart level has epic support and will likely create a strong move up on JOYY.
Gaotu Techedu Reversal Creates Bullish Bottoming Tail
China education stocks have been taking a beating over the last few months as the government is expected to crack down on the amount of hours kids are spending studying.
Major AAPL Chart Pattern
AAPL chart analysis says that if/when this trend line breaks, a head and shoulder pattern will trigger sending Apple to $95/share.
Two Stocks Breaking Out: Momo Inc & Huya Inc
Momo Inc and Huya Inc are two Chinese companies breaking out of a steep downtrend.
Pinduoduo Price Target Buy Level: See The Chart
Based on the stock chart technical analysis on Pinduoduo, major support will be at the $99.50 level. This is where accumulation can begin for what I expect to be the next phase of epic China investing growth.
Bear Flag On Transports Signals Downside Coming
Investors and swing traders should be ready for further downside in the transports, with the downside target being a possible $235.00.
Hidden Gem Report: Intercept Pharma Ready To Explode
This biotech company is flying under the radar and could see easily 100% upside in the near-term based on both fundamental and technical signals.
Bitcoin Head And Shoulders Triggers: See The Target
Bitcoin broke a major head and shoulders neckline over the weekend. Head and shoulder technical pattern setups are bearish once the neckline is broken. The target can be calculated.
Apple At Make Or Break Chart Level
The inflation bug has infested the stock market after an extremely high CPI number.
Home Depot Topping Tail Alert
In terms of a price target on the downside, investors and swing traders can look to the previous resistance, prior to the breakout recently that sent the stock to current highs.
This Bullish Pattern Signals A Surge To 3.25% On The 10 Year
Based on a classic bullish inverse head and shoulder pattern, get ready for the 10-year yield at 3.25% within a year.
Shanghai Composite Nearing Major Breakout, Target 20,000
The Shanghai Composite is likely set to rocket from its current 3,418 recent close to as high as 20,000. This is a 3-year target. The metrics are easy to grasp.
Apple Analysis: Is The Chart Bullish Or Bearish
When looking at the daily stock chart of Apple, it continues to hold a major support trend line starting from July 2020 and connecting to all the recent lows.
Fastly Slammed, But Tags First Technical Support
At some point in the future, it is likely Fastly will fall again, this time going to a major support of $35.40. That leavel stands out as a longer-term investible level versus the swing trade level of $43.00 that it hit today.
1 to 16 of 349 Posts
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