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Chief Market Strategist, and CFO of In The Money Stocks, Gareth Soloway has been an avid swing and day trader since his days at Binghamton University where he studied Economics. After college, Gareth quickly excelled as a financial adviser, helping clients get their financial houses in order. ... more

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Bitcoin To Target, S&P 500 To Fall 25% In 2023, No Early Fed Rescue
The latest news in the cryptocurrency, Stocks, and metals markets by Gareth Soloway.
Do Not Buy Bitcoin: Nick Santiago Tells You Why!
Nicholas Santiago started trading in 1991. In 1997, he became a licensed Series 7 and 63 registered representative. He successfully managed money for a large, affluent private client group. Nick is an expert in Technical Analysis.
DE: The Charts Are Talking
Financial media is singing DE praises today after earnings. On the chart there is a classic double top after a monster run higher.
The Historic Case For A Coming Collapse In Oil
A look at oil and where it is headed.
The Importance Of The $40K Level For Bitcoin Support
Could Bitcoin be on the precipice of a decline? This video explains why the $40 thousand level will be important in determining Bitcoin's trajectory.
This Will Be A Market Turning Point
2022 will be an inflection point year, in which capital rotates from the winners of 2021 into the laggards.
January Effect Trades
Tax-loss selling in December usually yields bounces in January for beaten-down plays.
QQQ Chart Support Level…
No major support on the QQQ until $370-$373 is hit.
Gold, Bitcoin… What You Need To Know For 2022
Investors should be cautious in the near term, Bitcoin could be facing a liquidity issue that could be drying up and may force the asset down.
Gold, Silver And Bitcoin Price Predictions For 2022
After an interesting 12 months, many investors are already shifting their sights to where key sectors will go in 2022.
Double Bottom On This Chart…
Double bottom on the CGC chart as we head into 2022 mid-term elections where politicians will start promising things like legalization.
Bitcoin, Cardano, Binance Trading Levels
Bitcoin is trading in a range of $56k to $60k. It has been bouncing inside of that range for the last week.
SMH Chart Topping Tail Alert…
Expect a downside for the tech sector next week. 
US Dollar Chart & Gold Trade
US Dollar chart showing resistance near. This gives a potential nice swing to GDX as well as Gold.
Trades, Bitcoin & Stock Market Technical Analysis
Here is the latest update on the stock and the crypto markets. 
Stocks Breakdown, Now This Comes Next…
Gareth Soloway discusses with David Lin, the stock market correction that happened this week and what a confirmed breakdown below the trendline means for future price action.
1 to 16 of 397 Posts
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