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Gail Tverberg is a researcher on subjects related to energy and the economy. Her background is as actuary, who did financial modeling for insurance companies, so she brings a different perspective to the question of how limits of a finite world affect the economy.


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The World’s Economic Myths Are Hitting Limits
The transition to a new Green Economy is not progressing as well as hoped. Green energy planners have missed the point that our physics-based economy favors low-cost producers.
Advanced Economies Will Be Especially Hurt By Energy Limits
Advanced economies will start looking and acting more like today’s less-advanced economies. The world economy will face a bumpy path in a generally downward direction.
Should The US Add More LNG Export Approvals?
The US already has a huge amount of LNG export capacity approved but not yet under construction. The likely roadblock is the need for debt financing.
2024: Too Many Things Going Wrong
As the economy moves away from growth, toward shrinkage, major changes can be expected.
Running Short Of Tailwinds For The Economy
Strangely enough, the economy seems to move from tailwind to tailwind, as new resources are discovered, as population expands and as central banks figure out new ways to fix the economy.
Today’s Energy Bottleneck May Bring Down Major Governments
The world’s self-organizing economy tends to squeeze out what it considers non-essential parts when bottlenecks are hit.
Fossil Fuel Imports Are Already Constrained
Long-distance trade in both coal and natural gas tends to hit barriers that may be difficult to see simply by looking at the trend in world production.
Our Oil Predicament Explained: Heavy Oil And The Diesel Fuel It Provides Are Key
Heavy oil, which is needed to produce diesel and jet fuel, plays a far more significant role in the world economy than most people understand.
The World Economy Is Becoming Unglued; Models Miss Real-World Behavior
Inadequate energy supply of the types the economy requires can be expected to affect the economy in a way that causes it to become “unglued”.
Models Hide The Shortcomings Of Wind And Solar
Energy modeling misses important points.
The Bumpy Road Ahead For The World Economy
Bank failures are just beginning. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the world economy holds together a while longer.
The Fed Cannot Fix Today’s Energy Inflation Problem
Oil prices seem to be very sensitive to manipulations of the Federal Reserve. The popping of a debt bubble can cause oil prices to fall precipitously.
When The Economy Gets Squeezed By Too Little Energy
Most people have a simple, but wrong, idea about how the world economy will respond to “not enough energy to go around.” They expect that oil prices will rise.
Ramping Up Wind Turbines, Solar Panels And Electric Vehicles Can’t Solve Our Energy Problem
So far, the economies using fuels that are not very complex for electricity seem to be doing better than others. But the overall world economy is stressed by inadequate cheap-to-produce local energy supplies.
2023: Expect A Financial Crash Followed By Major Energy-Related Changes
A major financial crash seems likely. This is could upset the economy far more seriously than the 2008 crash.
The Economy Is Moving From A Tailwind Pushing It Along To A Headwind Holding It Back
The problem is hitting limits in the extraction of fossil fuels.
1 to 16 of 127 Posts
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