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Gail Tverberg is a researcher on subjects related to energy and the economy. Her background is as actuary, who did financial modeling for insurance companies, so she brings a different perspective to the question of how limits of a finite world affect the economy.


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Today’s Energy Crisis Is Very Different From The Energy Crisis Of 2005
High energy prices are again feeding over to food prices and to inflation in general. But the underlying trend in energy consumption is very different.
Why Financial Approaches Won’t Fix The World’s Economic Problems This Time
The economy doesn’t run simply on money and debt. It operates on resources of many kinds, including energy-related resources.
Ramping Up Renewables Can't Provide Enough Heat Energy In Winter
We cannot expect wind and solar to ever be ramped up to meet our energy needs, even in combination with hydro.
Why No Politician Is Willing To Tell Us The Real Energy Story
Energy per capita and, in fact, resources per capita, must stay high enough for an economy’s growing population. When this does not happen, history shows that civilizations tend to collapse.
The World’s Self-Organizing Economy Can Be Expected To Act Strangely, As Energy Supplies Deplete
The physics-based approach I am using indicates that the world’s economy is likely to change dramatically for the worse in the months and years ahead.
Why Raising Interest Rates To Reduce Inflation May Work Out Very Badly
Most people do not understand that the world economy is a physics-based system, powered by energy. If the energy is suddenly much less available, there will be a huge problem.
Is The Debt Bubble Supporting The World Economy In Danger Of Collapsing?
The economy may be headed for an incredibly hard landing because of the inter-relationship between interest rates and energy prices, and the important role energy plays in powering the economy.
The World Has A Major Crude Oil Problem; Expect Conflict Ahead
World crude oil production has been falling behind needed levels since 2019.
No One Will Win In The Russia-Ukraine Conflict
We are basically dealing with a no-win situation. No matter what the outcome, the world economy will be worse off after the fighting stops.
Limits To Green Energy Are Becoming Much Clearer
It is becoming clear that modelers who encouraged the view that a smooth transition to wind, solar, and hydroelectric is possible have missed some important points.
2022: Energy Limits Are Likely To Push The World Economy Into Recession
World oil supplies are unlikely to rise very rapidly in 2022 because of depletion and inadequate reinvestment. Even if oil prices rise higher in the first part of 2022, this action cannot offset years of underinvestment.
Is It Possible That The World Is Approaching End Times?
As strange as it may seem, we may be approaching what some of us would think of as end times if our economy collapses for lack of cheap-to-produce energy supplies.
Our Fossil Fuel Energy Predicament, Including Why The Correct Story Is Rarely Told
There is more to the fossil fuel energy predicament than we usually hear about.
Spike In Energy Prices Suggests That Sharp Changes Are Ahead
The economy doesn’t operate on a single type of energy, any more than human life on a single type of food. The economy uses a portfolio of energy types.
Could We Be Hitting Natural Gas Limits Already?
The problem with high prices is most noticeable is in Europe, with its dependence on natural gas imports. But Europe may just be the “canary in the coal mine.”
Afghanistan (And Today’s High Level Of Conflicts) Reflect An Energy Problem
Governments can add debt and other indirect promises of resources that create goods and services, but they cannot actually create the low-cost energy, water, and mineral resources needed to fulfill those promises.
1 to 16 of 111 Posts
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