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Gail Tverberg is a researcher on subjects related to energy and the economy. Her background is as actuary, who did financial modeling for insurance companies, so she brings a different perspective to the question of how limits of a finite world affect the economy.

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Energy Is The Economy; Shrinkage In Energy Supply Leads To Conflict
Without adequate energy, the world economy would come to a halt. We are hitting energy limits right now. Energy per capita is already shrinking, and it seems likely to shrink further in the future.
EC Fossil Fuel Production Is Reaching Limits In A Strange Way
We need a new, very inexpensive energy source that buyers will willingly pay a disproportionately high price for right now, not 20 or 50 years from now.
EC Reaching The End Of Early Stimulus – What’s Ahead?
Many people thought that COVID-19 would be gone with a short shutdown. They also thought that the world’s economic problems could be cured with a six month “dose” of stimulus.
EC Today’s Energy Predicament – A Look At Some Charts
We're in a strange situation today that most modelers have never really considered. Let me explain some of the issues I see.
We Need To Change Our COVID-19 Strategy
We would like to think that we can eliminate COVID-19, but doing so is far from certain. The medical system has not been successful in eliminating HIV/AIDS or influenza; the situation with COVID-19 may be similar.
EC Why A Great Reset Based On Green Energy Isn’t Possible
Let’s look at a few of the misunderstandings that lead people to believe that the world economy can move to a Green Energy future.
HH COVID-19 And The Economy: Where Do We Go From Here?
The COVID-19 story keeps developing. How vigorously should we be fighting COVID-19? The story is more complex than most people understand.
Energy Problems Fuel Increased Violence
Historical energy consumption data shows that violence often accompanies periods when energy production is not growing fast enough to meet the needs of the growing population.
Understanding Our Pandemic – Economy Predicament
The world’s number one problem today is that the world’s population is too large for its resource base. Some people have called this situation overshoot.
EC COVID-19 And Oil At $1: Is There A Way Forward?
Many people are concerned with the low price of oil. Others are concerned about slowing or stopping COVID-19. Is there any way forward?
Economies Won’t Be Able To Recover After Shutdowns
The longer the shutdowns last, the worse shape the world economy will be in. Thus, when businesses are restarted, we can expect even more protests and more divisive politics.
EC It Is Easy To Overdo COVID-19 Quarantines
We have learned historically that if we can isolate sick people, we can often keep a communicable disease from spreading. Unfortunately, the situation with the new coronavirus causing COVID-19 is different.
Easily Overlooked Issues Regarding COVID-19
We read a lot in the news about the new Wuhan coronavirus and the illness it causes (COVID-19), but some important points often get left out.
HH It Is Easy To Overreact To The Chinese Coronavirus
The following are a few of my thoughts regarding possible overreaction to the Chinese coronavirus.
Expect Low Oil Prices In 2020; Tendency Toward Recession
Oil and other commodity prices will remain low in 2020. These low oil prices will adversely affect oil production and several other parts of the economy. As a result, a strong tendency toward recession can be expected.
Scientific Models And Myths: What Is The Difference?
What politicians, economists, and academic book publishers would like us to believe is that the world is full of limitless possibilities.
1 to 16 of 85 Posts
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