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Frank Holmes is the CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors. Mr. Holmes purchased a controlling interest in U.S. Global Investors in 1989 and became the firm’s chief investment officer in 1999. In 2006, Mr. Holmes was selected mining fund manager of the year by ... more


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Transitory Or Not, Inflation Is Here. It Could Be Much Higher Than You Realize
The consumer price index (CPI) significantly understates the impact inflation has on household wealth. The real rate is likely much higher.
European Union Members Ready To Begin Accepting American Travelers
On June 1, a new digital COVID passport went live in seven European Union (EU) member countries, allowing travelers to move more freely throughout the bloc.
The Race For Copper, The Metal Of The Future
Copper will remain the most widely used metal in renewable energy technologies. Compared to aluminum, nickel and zinc, its importance is rated high for most new energy-related projects.
Luxury Goods Sales Projected To Recover To 2019 Levels This Year
Consultancy firm Bain & Company believes there’s a 30% probability that the luxury market could meet or exceed $340 billion in sales of high-end items such as apparel, handbags and jewelry, which would be the most in two years.
Institutional Investors Are Rotating Out Of Bitcoin And Into Gold
Large institutional investors could be shifting away from Bitcoin in favor of gold. The price of the yellow metal broke through key resistance last week, touching $1,890 an ounce for the first time since January on a declining U.S. dollar.
Note To Elon: Crypto Miners Are Part Of The Solution To Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Crypto mining may help accelerate the deployment of renewable energy. Because crypto miners are unique energy buyers, they’re an ideal complement to wind and solar as well as better storage technology.
No Country Has Ever Taxed Itself Into Prosperity
Violent protests have erupted in the streets of Colombia, triggered by proposed reforms to the South American country’s tax system. Is there a lesson here for the U.S.?
Asset Prices Are Up, Up And Away. Where Are The Value Buying Opportunities?
If you’ve ever wondered what trillions of dollars in monetary and fiscal stimulus looks like, it appears you got your answer. Everything is up right now. Here are the potential value buying opportunities.
Gold Off To A Slow Start As Central Banks Pivot Toward Digital Currencies
More than 60 central banks right now are believed to be exploring the idea of digital currencies, including retail tokens that would be used by citizens as well as wholesale applications for financial institutions.
A New “Golden Age” Of Travel?
For 25 days straight, as of April 4, over 1 million people per day have been screened at U.S. airports, a remarkable sign that people are ready to get back to life as they remembered it.
Gold Miners Recorded Record High Margins In 2020
The average all-in sustaining cost (AISC) margin, which is the gold price minus the cost to produce the metal, hit a record $828 per ounce, according to Metals Focus.
Container Ship Operators Are On A Tear As Freight Rates Skyrocket
I believe something large is happening here. L.A.’s phenomenal surge isn’t a one-off event. We’re seeing a massive, synchronized explosion in global trade as economies reopen and fiscal stimulus measures ignite consumption.
How Battery Metals Have Helped Us Outperform During The Slump In Gold Price
Gold hasn’t been getting much love from investors lately due to rising bond yields, and bullion-backed gold mutual funds and ETFs have seen significant outflows so far this year through the end of February.
5 Reasons Airline Stocks Could Be A Buy In 2021
From a value investor’s perspective, this means the airline industry is on sale at a deep discount. Commercial aviation still has some challenging times ahead of it, but I believe the worst is behind us.
This Stock Is Up More Than 1,000% This Year
So far this year, shares of HIVE Blockchain Technologies have soared an incredible 1,100%. 2020 has been marked by healthy expansion in mining capacity, the most recent example being HIVE’s acquisition of additional access to low-cost green energy.
Don’t Blame The Pandemic For The $277 Trillion Debt Pile
This year alone, as of the end of September, the world added $15 trillion to the debt pile, with government borrowing accounting for half of the increase, the IIF says. Debt in developed markets is set to hit 432% of GDP.
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