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Frank Holmes is the CEO and chief investment officer of U.S. Global Investors. Mr. Holmes purchased a controlling interest in U.S. Global Investors in 1989 and became the firm’s chief investment officer in 1999. In 2006, Mr. Holmes was selected mining fund manager of the year by ... more


Worried About Inflation? Here’s What Investments Worked In The 1970s
Inflation may not be as “transitory” as the Fed maintained early on, but at some point, prices will stabilize. Until then, it’s important for investors not to make rash decisions and panic-sell at a loss.
Bitcoin Is Marked Down As Crypto Winter Wipes Out Billions In Market Value
Some big-name investors forecast that Bitcoin will eventually hit $100,000, $1 million or more. It could very well do that, but for now, its price is closer to $0. That’s both a risk and an opportunity.
Texas Home Appraisals Are At An All-Time High. Should You Protest?
This appreciation is in line with home prices nationwide, which have climbed at their fastest annual rate on record.
The Founding Of The U.S. Is A Case Study In Decentralization
Today, nearly 250 years later, we might think of this ideological rift in terms of centralization (a strong central authority) versus decentralization (a more distributed system).
The End Of Mask Mandates Expected To Boost Flight Demand Even More
Even with mask mandates in effect, demand for commercial air travel has been increasing for months.
There’s More To Inflation Than The War In Ukraine
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which issues the monthly consumer price index (CPI), has changed its methodology for measuring inflation more than twice over the past few decades.


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This Mining Company Is Back To Creating Value For Investors
I’m very pleased to say that a satisfactory agreement was reached between HIVE and its strategic partner, Genesis Mining. All claims arising from the master service agreements, as well as legal proceedings, have been withdrawn and discontinued.
Yes, Gold Is Being Manipulated. But To What Extent?
The suppression of the gold price is not just a conspiracy theory. It’s a well-documented phenomenon, with real actors and real ramifications. The best people to speak to about this subject are the folks at the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee.
AI Will Add $15 Trillion To The World Economy By 2030
Artificial intelligence (AI) contributed a whopping $2 trillion to global GDP last year. By 2030, it could be as much as $15.7 trillion. Not every industry and sector will be affected equally, but none will go untouched.
This AI Company Is The Future Of Gold Exploration
“Some people call it ‘peak gold,’ but I tend to think of it more as ‘peak discovery’”. Meet the brains behind Goldspot Discoveries, a first-of-its-kind quant shop that aims to use AI to revolutionize the mineral exploration business.
Will The China Bulls Turn Out For The Year Of The Pig?
This week marks the start of China’s Spring Festival, during which an estimated 3 billion trips will be made using the country’s massive transportation network of roads and rail. What does this mean for investors?

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