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E Crypto Insiders Criticize Mexico’s New Cryptocurrency Regulations
The new regulations in Mexico have sparked major criticisms from industry professionals as well as sympathetic company representatives.
E South Africa’s Equity Market On The Rise, Potential Challenges In 2019
South Africa's financial sector has been receiving some serious damage in terms of growth in 2018.
E Forex Brokers May Start Fleeing The UK! But Where Will They Go?
Brexit has become a nightmare for every financial company in the UK. Most importantly, the massive amounts of Forex brokers who are now scrambling to find a safe haven.
USD/JPY Outlook: The Pair In A Broad Range Above The 111.65 Support Level
The US Dollar rallied recently and broke the 111.50 resistance area against the Japanese Yen.
E Top Stock Picks In The IGaming Sector For 2019
Best companies in the iGaming industry for 2019. Top investment picks!
E Stockholm Stock Exchange Top Picks For 2019
The best companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange that needs to be paid attention to in 2019!
E South Africa No.1 In Terms Of Cryptocurrency Ownership?
10.7% of South Africa's internet users are cryptocurrency holders. Which ranks them as No.1 in the world.
AUD/USD Outlook: The Aussie Supported By Optimistic US-China Trade Talks
The Aussie dollar found a strong support near the 0.7080 level against the US Dollar. The AUD/USD pair started a decent upward move and broke the key 0.7110 resistance level.
EA Stock Soars In Response To Apex Legends Success
2018 was a tough year for Electronic Arts. EA stock cratered, raising questions about the future of the gaming giant. This was due to a number of issues, not the least of which were the pushbacks on key release dates.
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: The Euro Declining Heavily During The Week
The Euro declined heavily this week from well above the 1.1380 level against the US Dollar. The EUR/USD pair broke the 1.1300 and 1.1280 support levels to start a major decline.
E Nasdaq Offering BTC And ETH Indexes Through BNC
Nasdaq, one of the world's leading exchanges has announced the launch of their BTC and ETH Indexes. And is also planning to start offering BTC futures in Q1 of 2019.
E EUR 32 Billion Gone - UBS Redirects Funds To Frankfurt
UBS, a Swiss bank in the UK has been given the approval to redirect EUR 32 billion from it's London branch, over to its Frankfurt branch. 200 employees of the company to be transferred as well.
EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Euro Consolidating At Daily Lows
The EUR/USD pair is currently consolidating its position near the lows of the previous session. The range is limited by 1.1430 and 1.1450.
Banks Are Preparing For The "Hard" Brexit
Brexit is just two months away and there is still no certainty to how the United Kingdom will leave the European Union.
'Winter Is Coming' Or The Wave Of Exchanges Shut Downs
The year 2018 was presumably one of the hardest periods in the cryptocurrency life cycle.
E UK FX Volumes Go Down In October 2018 But London Stands Still
Daily Forex turnover in London and all over the world has been going down, but the city is still holding strong as the Forex trading hub.
1 to 16 of 58 Posts
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