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E Implications On The Caucasus In Case Of An All-Out US-Iran War
The US-Iran tensions have already put a strain on the geopolitics of the Southern Caucasus, which was already in serious trouble
E Reasons Behind XRP’s Sudden Surge In February
Ripple has experienced one of the worst 2 years of crypto history. The coin has lost most of its value with very little hope for the future. Until now.
Japan Approves A $122 Billion Stimulus Package
The stimulus was mainly triggered by the slowing growth and the potential loss of economic activity after the Tokyo Olympics set for 2020.
China Keeps Fighting Hard For Its Economy
China’s central bank is trying its best to help the economy of the country to recover and gain its strengths back after being involved in the trade war with the United States.
E The Tariff War - Who’s Going To Bleed Out First?
The US-China trade war may have been normalized in current politics, but the rate at which it's changing the global economy cannot be ignored.
E Is The Global Recession Good News For Bitcoin?
Many investors are thinking that Bitcoin will be the safe haven they're looking for in the wake of a new global economic recession.
E Will FCA’s Decision To Ban Cryptocurrency CFDs Rub Off On The Russian Financial Market?
The UK's decision of potentially placing a permanent ban on cryptocurrency CFDs will surely affect the state of CFD brokerages in Russia due to un-affiliation with ESMA regulations and a large leverage cap for CFD products.
E Russian Company Stocks To Monitor In 2019
The Russian stock market was predicted to suffer quite a lot in 2019 due to all of the pressing sanctions and tense foreign relations with some of its most valuable trade partners such as the European Union and even the United States.
E Best Canadian Stocks To Watch In 2019
According to 2017 statistics, the Canadian economy is on a yearly 3% growth trajectory and there is very little that can stop it at this point. The $1.65 trillion recorded in 2017 has grown exponentially by 2019.
E The Impact Of BTC-ETH Correlation On Cryptocurrency Trading
Bitcoin continues to be a market “bellwether” and how it performs affects many other cryptocurrencies
E Top 3 Australian Stocks To Keep An Eye On In 2019
The Australian GDP is in an upwards spiral in 2019. Just in 2017, they showed massive growth by crossing the $1.3 trillion mark. Such growth indicates an increase in the country’s largest companies, but the industries are very mixed.
Uber’s IPO On Friday Could Put The Company’s Valuation At $91,5 Billion
Uber, a ride-hailing application with over 110 million users in 173 countries, will have an IPO on Friday. The company has set the price range for its shares at $44 to $50.
Alphabet Shares Shed 8% After The Company Publishes The Earnings Report
Alphabet, the company behind Google missed revenue expectations by a big margin causing the shares of the company to slide.
E What Are The Benefits Of The Blockchain?
What most people don’t know about Bitcoin is that its uniqueness comes from its underlying technology: the blockchain.
E UK Subsidiaries In The EU Will Bear The Front Of A No Deal Brexit
In case of a no-deal Brexit, the LSE will start listing some EU shares on its platform for UK citizens to trade. All in all, the exchange is prepared for both cases of affairs.
The Cryptocurrency World Map
Cryptocurrencies may be described as the most popular financial assets of the 21st century, but that statement needs to be reinforced with facts and research.
1 to 16 of 76 Posts
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