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Demand For Instant Delivery Drives JD Logistics' Storage Capacity Expansion
The global economy has been adversely impacted by COVID-19. With social distancing and lockdowns, online ordering has become more popular than ever, along with high demands for logistics and delivery services.
China's Major Airlines Ready For Post-COVID Recovery After CNY 37 Bn Net Loss In 2020
The trio's businesses are recovering as the massive vaccine rollout is boosting the industry.
NIO's Norway Strategy: What You Need To Know
The Chinese EV maker has finally ventured into Europe.
Winners In China's Cloud Industry: A Glimpse Of Alibaba Cloud And Tencent Cloud's Strategy
Even though AWS and Azure dominate the global public cloud services market, they are laggards in China, where Alibaba and Tencent are calling the shots.
NIO In April 2021: Fresh Sales Record, New Major Partnership
China’s automotive industry is recovering first, along with increased demand for both combustion engines and EV motors. NIO is actively reinforcing its business through infrastructure-related collaborations.
Will Tesla Continue To Grow In China?
The challenges are piling up for the EV maker in the world's largest auto market.
What Has Triggered Xiaomi's New Semiconductor Endeavors
The Chinese electronics company has been carrying the public's anticipation of a boom in local semiconductor technology since it announced its production of chips in 2014. The question remains – will it eventually succeed in this field?
Trip.com's New Start – A Second IPO On HKEX
Since Hong Kong exchange relaxed its rules and uncertainties began to grow in the Sino-American relationship, China concept stocks have chosen to both remain in the US and launch a second listing in Hong Kong. Trip.com recently became one of them.
Huawei 'Strikes Back': Global 5G Patent Battle Might Be Getting Started
The Chinese telecommunications giant is showing aggressive on intellectual property litigation to hedge the risk of U.S. sanctions.
Digital Currency Electronic Payment: Not A Warning Sign For Alipay And WeChat Pay
The future position of DCEP and other providers is mainly determined by the market demand. Meanwhile, the intense competition evoked the transformation of other payment providers, posing a major threat to DCEP.
Community Group Buying: China's Internet Giants' New Battlefield
The retail industry players have always been competing for high efficiency and satisfying consumer experience.
CN Energy Group Looks Solid Amid Global Industry Shifts
Though faced with fierce competition, the activated carbon manufacturer CN Energy Group shows potential and investment value.
Three Opportunities Brought By Archegos Capital's Outburst
Tencent Music, iQIYI, and Youdao saw their stocks drop due to Archegos, but have a high probability of bouncing back in the short term.
Huadi International Group Well Positioned To Recover Quickly Post-COVID
One of the latest NYSE listings, Huadi International Group represents China's steel industry. Due to COVID-19's impact, its profits have dropped significantly.
A Glimpse Into China's Burgeoning Edge Cloud Market
In China, the deepening digital transformation initiated a new chapter for the cloud computing business, one wherein the Internet is more accessible, and data is generated at a high speed.
Alibaba 'Technology Tree' To Keep Growing With Support From Chip Arm Pingtouge
The world-famous e-commerce company, Alibaba Group, founded a Cloud-integrated subsidiary in 2018, Pingtouge, specializing in AI chips for various applications.
1 to 16 of 29 Posts
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