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AMTD Digital's Stock Price Surged, With Valuation Surpassing Alibaba
With only 50 employees, how did AMTD Digital support a market capitalization of around $321.8 billion, which was even higher than that of Alibaba?
CATL Pauses US Battery Plant Plan Amid Continued Tensions Between China And The US
A global power battery leader from China, CATL, has postponed the US Battery Plant Plan; a rumored reason is the influence of ongoing tensions between the world’s two largest economies.
A Quick Look At The Semiconductor Industry: 30 Players Of Key Fields
In the past 50 years, the breakthrough technologies of semiconductors have made electronic devices smaller, more stable and available, transforming our way of life and work thoroughly.
Q2 2022 Sees Activision Blizzard’s Double Fall On Sales And Profit
As the game industry sees slower year overall as spending declines, Activision Blizzard's poor performance in Q2 2022 stands to reason.
New Oriental Education Revenue Down 56.8% To USD 524 Mn In Q4
China's private education services provider New Oriental Education documented a downward revenue with expanded losses in its newly released financial reports.
China's Largest Cloud Server Kingsoft Cloud Files For HK IPO
Kingsoft Cloud one of the independent cloud service providers in China, filed documents for a dual primary listing in Hong Kong on July 27.
China’s Game Industry Experiences Decline After Years Of Growth
For the first time ever, China’s game industry has recorded a 'same time drop' of negative revenue growth and a decrease in users.
TikTok Owner ByteDance To Compress 2022-23 Recruitment Plan
ByteDance is reportedly planning to reduce the number of newly-hired employees until 2023, according to Chinese media Jiemian last week.
Chinese Home Appliance Brands Going Global
Chinese home appliance exports are not only well-developed but also resilient. A line from an ancient Chinese poem goes as follows: "Only when the sea is crossed will the heroes show their true colors."
China's Digitized Container Duckbill Speeds Up, Faster And Smarter
Backed by a new round of capital, Duckbill aims high to be a dominant player in the domestic container trucking market.
Linmon Pictures Passed The Hearing For IPO On The Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Linmon Pictures successfully passed the hearing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and will be listed on the main board. For the firm, the road to IPO has not been a smooth one.
Bilibili Restructures Its Organization And Accelerates Comprehensive Commercialization
Facing solid rivals such as the RED and TikTok, Bilibili has to enrich its content and accelerate commercialization.
Huawei To Dab Into Web3, Sources Said
Multiple departments in Huawei are exploring Web3, Harmony, Huawei Cloud and Huawei Pay are some of them, according to a person familiar with the matter.
EV Maker Polestar Reports 125% Increase For The First Half Of 2022
Polestar is reporting a 125% increase in electric car sales during the first half of 2022, delivering approximately 21,200 vehicles.
ByteDance Hires Chip Engineers And May Be Preparing To Develop Their Own Chips
ByteDance is hiring for many chip-related engineering positions, including front-end design for SoC and Core, model performance analysis, verification, underlying software and driver development, low-power design, back-end, chip security and others.
ByteDance’s Dali Education Goes Through Massive Layoffs
Smart hardware industry exposes difficulties and Dali Education has shown fatigue.
1 to 16 of 274 Posts
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