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Insgeek Nets Hundreds Of Mns Of CNY In Series D Round
Insgeek has completed a financing round worth hundreds of millions of CNY in the series D round, which was invested by the China SME Development Fund, HR Tech Investments and LLC.
An Overview Of Outdoor Sports Industry In China
Although China's outdoor sports market has been expanding rapidly in recent years, there is still a gap behind false prosperity. When the fever fades, where will the outdoor industry go?
Energy Monster Q2 Revenue Down 29%YOY With Net Loss Of CNY 180 Mn
Severely hit by the epidemic, the Energy Monster is having a hard time under the price hike tide.
Qudian Reports Q2 2022 Revenues Of CNY 105 Million, Down 74.4% YOY
Qudian's new project is out of the way and the traditional main business doesn't operate well, either.
Cooling-Off Period
The NFT market is facing a new inflection point and will gradually embark on a standardized trajectory.
Chinese Social Media Weibo's Revenue Plunges 22% To USD 450.2 Mn In Q2 2022, Report Shows
Looking ahead, we remain confident in our differentiated value proposition and long-term monetization opportunities,” said Gaofei Wang, CEO of Weibo.
Roborock’s Revenue Increased By 24% In H1 2022 And Sales Expenses Increased By 91%
Roborock released its half-yearly report for 2022.
Full Track Alliance's Q2 Revenue Of CNY 1.67 Bn Increased Nearly 50% YoY
Full Track Alliance achieved Q2 2022 revenue of CNY 1.67 billion, which can not be separated from the improvement of its algorithm capabilities and emphasis on technology.
China's PeTech Industry: Pets Are Going Digital
The pet economy, aided by rapidly developing technologies, is expected to reach new heights.
Battery Giant CATL Forms NEV Joint Venture With Chinese Truck Maker FAW
CATL and FAW Jiefang formed a joint venture to explore the new energy commercial vehicle market on August 18.
New Wave: Return To Golden Era Beckons For Unmanned Retails
Unmanned retail, together with the development of technology, has become a hot topic.
AMTD Digital's Stock Price Surged, With Valuation Surpassing Alibaba
With only 50 employees, how did AMTD Digital support a market capitalization of around $321.8 billion, which was even higher than that of Alibaba?
CATL Pauses US Battery Plant Plan Amid Continued Tensions Between China And The US
A global power battery leader from China, CATL, has postponed the US Battery Plant Plan; a rumored reason is the influence of ongoing tensions between the world’s two largest economies.
A Quick Look At The Semiconductor Industry: 30 Players Of Key Fields
In the past 50 years, the breakthrough technologies of semiconductors have made electronic devices smaller, more stable and available, transforming our way of life and work thoroughly.
Q2 2022 Sees Activision Blizzard’s Double Fall On Sales And Profit
As the game industry sees slower year overall as spending declines, Activision Blizzard's poor performance in Q2 2022 stands to reason.
New Oriental Education Revenue Down 56.8% To USD 524 Mn In Q4
China's private education services provider New Oriental Education documented a downward revenue with expanded losses in its newly released financial reports.
1 to 16 of 286 Posts
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