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Founder and Managing Partner of Matterhorn Asset Mgmt AG (MAM) and GoldSwitzerland based in Zurich, Switzerland.

EvG forecasted the current present problems in the world economy well over 10 years ago. In 2002 when gold was $300 per ... more


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Safest Gold Vault In The World
The explosion of global debt has increased risk exponentially but that is not the biggest problem. The real-time bomb is the derivative market.
Gold And Financial Survival In The 2020s
Whether the global economy will turn down early in 2020 or the euphoria will continue for a while is irrelevant. What we do know is that risk is at a maximum and therefore it is absolutely critical to protect your wealth.
The Worst Global Depression Is Nigh
Since the Great Financial Crisis started in 2006, global debt has more than doubled from $125 trillion to $260 trillion. The more money that has been printed, the lower interest rates have gone.
Sell The Nasdaq And Buy Gold
When stock markets fall, precious metals will continue their secular bull market which initially started in 1971 with the last leg starting in 2000.
Viktor Turns $10K Into $1 Billion
This is the decision that investors have to make right now. Either stick with stocks that are likely to start crashing in 2020 and wipe out your wealth totally or hold physical gold and preserve as well as enhance your wealth.
Gold Price Is Not The Price Of Gold
The physical gold market cannot satisfy the coming increase in demand at current prices. The only way that new buyers can find gold will be at much, much higher prices.
Buy Gold Before Marxism Destroys Your Money
Is a Marxist government soon going to rule the UK. The UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has launched his election campaign and set out his Marxist policies.
In An Illusory World – Gold Is The Truth-Teller
There will, in the next couple of years, be a real Eureka moment in markets. But it is unlikely to be of the same satisfactory nature as in the case of Archimedes.
Follow Midas & Croesus – Stay Away From Gold ETFs Or Cryptos
Gold held for wealth preservation purposes must be held in physical form and outside the banking system. The more counterparties between yourself and your gold, the higher the risk.
Central Banks Have Not Lost Control – They Never Had It
The next explosive phase in the precious metals market has just started, even though most won't be aware of it.
King Solomon And 666 Gold
Precious metals are absolutely essential to hold as protection and insurance against the coming destruction of assets.
The Decay And Decline Of The Whole Capitalist System
The world is now standing before a seminal moment and virtually nobody can see it. There has not been a more critical moment in the last 50 years than what we are now facing.
Mad World – Currencies To Zero, Bonds Minus Zero
Bonds cost money to hold, currencies are soon worth nothing and gold will reach at least $7,000 before it reaches $700.
The Gold Bull Is Alive And Kicking
The next round of stimulus in the form of money printing, interest rate manipulation or free money, debt expansion, and deficit spending will definitely not work.
Government Action Will Push Gold Ever Higher
Central banks only have two pills at their disposal. One is called money printing and the other is interest rate manipulation.
Next 5 Years Not About Winning But Surviving
The messages from the ECB and the Fed couldn’t be clearer. They are seeing major problems in the financial system and in the world economy and they will do whatever it takes to save the system. But they will fail.
1 to 16 of 159 Posts
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