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Founder & Managing Partner at Matterhorn Asset Management AG
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Founder and Managing Partner of Matterhorn Asset Mgmt AG (MAM) and GoldSwitzerland based in Zurich, Switzerland.

EvG forecasted the current present problems in the world economy well over 10 years ago. In 2002 when gold was $300 per ...more

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Gold Stands Fast As Global Currencies, Leadership And Debt Policies Fail
A discussion about gold’s role within an increasingly precarious global backdrop.
Gold – We Have Liftoff
Gold is likely to outshine virtually all assets in the next 5-10 years. 
The Worst Time For Yet Another Grotesque Stock Bubble
A discussion about the enormous risks of the current U.S. equity bubble.
2024: Extreme Event Risk & Gold’s Open Rise
In this opening MAMChat for 2024, Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg take a sober look ahead at a macro environment riddled with undeniable event risk—from geopolitics and asset bubbles to debased currencies and distrusted global leadership
As The Dollar Goes To Zero, Gold Will Reach Unthinkable Heights.
A discussion of the major economic and precious metal themes.
Hope Dies, Gold Rises
When it comes to grieving over the slow demise of the American economy, sovereign IOU/USD and the absolute failure of our “re-election-only-focused” policy makers, the stages of grief are easy to see yet easier to ignore.
The Financial System Has Reached The End
The world is now witnessing the end of a currency and financial system that the Chinese already forecast in 1971 after Nixon closed the gold window.
Debt, Currency Debasement & War—The Timeless Pillars Of Failure
In this column we follow the breadcrumbs of simple math and bond market signals toward an oft-repeated pattern of how once-great nations become, well…not so great anymore.
The Sun Is Setting On Faltering West And Rising For Gold
Gold can’t protect investors from every risk making headlines today, but it has a clear role in protecting against financial risk.
A 1987 In Stocks With A Golden Dawn For Oil And Gold
Gold and oil move very much in tandem within a narrow range. So if oil now goes up due to the Middle East crisis, gold will follow. 
Keeping Your Head Amidst Debt-Blind Madness
Powell’s comical, and ultimately disingenuous, war on inflation, is actually poised to end in far greater inflation, something understandable to any whose market attention span is greater than a typical tweet or YouTube short.
When Elephants And Central Bankers Fly, Don’t Hold Gold
The case for gold and wealth preservation is stronger than ever.
A Catastrophic Debt Implosion Can Be Incredibly Quick
Bubbles always burst, without exception. But we know of course that bubbles can always grow bigger before they burst. 
2023: As Markets Implode, Gold Is Poised To Explode
2023 appears to be heading into deeper and more dangerous territory for which gold offers obvious protection.
$2 Quadrillion Debt Precariously Resting On $2 Trillion Gold
Gold is the only money that has survived throughout history. Every other currency has without fail gone to ZERO and become extinct.
Credit Suisse & USD Policy: Signposts Of Systemic Implosion To Gold Explosion
A discussion about a range of current yet undeniably important as well as converging themes.
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