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Founder and Managing Partner of Matterhorn Asset Mgmt AG (MAM) and GoldSwitzerland based in Zurich, Switzerland.

EvG forecasted the current present problems in the world economy well over 10 years ago. In 2002 when gold was $300 per ... more

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Weight Of Debt Will Cause Bonds To Crash, Gold To Soar
The Federal Reserve is always behind the curve and they cannot afford to tighten in this environment.
Time To Say Goodbye To The Everything Bubble
Investment markets today are all about instant gratification and getting rich quick.
Central Banks Are Now In The Endgame
Central bankers were handed the Midas curse half a century ago. Midas turned everything that he touched into gold– even his own food.
The New Monetary System Will Fail Too
As most of the western world doubles down on easy money policies, one nation stands out and moves ahead with raising rates: Russia.
Gold’s “Flash Crash” Explained: Charts, Fundamentals And Familiar Manipulations
Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg discuss gold’s recent “flash crash” in the context of technicals, fundamentals, and good ol’ fashioned price manipulation from the bullion banks.
The Markets Do Not Expect Inflation
Egon von Greyerz and Max Keiser discuss the 50th anniversary of the demise of Bretton Woods, Nixon suspending the dollar’s convertibility into gold, “transitory” inflation, how stock and bond markets are pricing-in inflation expectations.
Farewell To Yet Another Failed Monetary System
The beginning of the end of the current monetary system started exactly 50 years ago. In the next few years, the world will experience the end of another failed experiment of unlimited debt creation and fake fiat money.
The Paper Gold Tail Wagging The Golden Dog
Few would know that we set up the best system for wealth preservation in the form of physical gold 20 years ago for our own funds and not as a business. The business only started a few years later as a result of demand.
Game Changer For Precious Metals Or Non-Event?
The FOMC caused turmoil last week, but the statements have only short-term effects.
Global Debt From $300 Trillion To $2 Quadrillion In Next 5-10 Years
The coming 5-10 years are likely to see asset prices decline by at least 90% in real terms.
From Yellen’s Tweets To Basel III, Gold Can Only Trend North As Currencies Can Only Go Down
Gold, as we all know, favors negative real rates, and with inflation rising and rates falling, the scope of increasing/continuing negative real rates in favor of gold’s trend north is openly clear.
Hocus – Pocus Scheme To Cause Dramatic Gold Surge
The systemic risk arises as a result of a 100+ year period (since the Fed was created in 1913) of deficit spending and debt explosion.
Bank-Held Gold: Gone When Needed Most
The highly acclaimed crypto market is undergoing a harsh correction, painfully demonstrating how quickly governments can put this asset class in distress.
Gold Vs. $200 Trillion Counterfeited Money
Most investors don’t understand gold or the role of gold. This is why only 0.5% of world financial assets are invested in gold.
Everything Is On Fire
Explosive fires have started everywhere already. Stock markets are on fire and so are property markets, as well as bond and debt markets. The problem is that fires are initially explosive but always end up implosive.
Gold Tailwinds, Fed Hot Air And Silver’s Inevitable Rise
Egon and Matthew discuss ongoing shifts in inflation and yield data as well as the omni-present topic of unsustainable debt levels fictionally managed by central bankers via monetary expansion and yield/rate repression.
1 to 16 of 248 Posts
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