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Early Investing’s mission is to help readers find the most promising investment opportunities outside the stock market. Our research is focused on two areas in particular: private startups and cryptocurrencies. We provide both educational material and ...more


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Why The SEC Won't Kill Crypto
The era of crypto exchanges and crypto businesses operating without any regulatory oversight are coming to an end.
Bitcoin Decouples From Stocks, Moves Closer To Gold
It’s been a calm week for crypto. Additionally, crypto has largely decoupled from the Nasdaq and the S&P 500, and has now become more correlated with gold.
Get Your Investing Mojo Back
Now is a good time to do some spring cleaning and rejuvenate your investing mojo. So if you haven’t checked your portfolios in a bit, take some time this weekend to look at them.
The Only Criteria That Matters In Real Estate Investing
All real estate is local. Sure, you can compile data and try to see if there are any big picture trends. But if prices in your neighborhood are going down while prices in some city across the country are going up, “national” numbers don’t matter.
Crypto Market Starts To Thaw
Inflation and the Fed are keeping the crypto market in limbo.
Ethereum’s Price Action Is Tied To The Shanghai Upgrade
Since its inception, Ethereum developers have shown they’re some of the best in the business.
Crypto’s Two Biggest Exchanges Get Heat From Regulators
The two most important crypto exchanges in the world are now facing enforcement actions. So far, the markets have just shrugged it off.
Where Silvergate, SVB And Signature Went Wrong
Silvergate was making tons of money being a crypto bank. In fact, it was making so much money banking the crypto sector that it didn’t bother to diversify its client base. Oops.
Crypto Investors Are In Uncharted Territory
Crypto is a volatile asset class. A 10% swing in the stock markets is a cause for panic. A 10% swing in crypto prices feels like a normal day at the office. The trading environment is ripe for fireworks.
Why CBDCs Aren’t A Threat To Crypto
The rollout of central bank digital currencies is becoming more prevalent worldwide. Recently, both Japan and Russia announced they are moving forward with issuing CBDCs. But how does this affect crypto?
Norway Leads The Way In Blockchain-Driven Cap Table Management Tech
I want to take you across the Atlantic to Norway. The country’s government just announced a cap table management platform called BRØK. Though the program is only in the testing stage, it represents a huge leap forward in blockchain applications.
Inflation Holds The Key To Market Performance In 2023
The last thing the Fed wants to do is lower rates too quickly and see inflation return, like it did in 1980.
Keep An Eye On Ethereum’s Next Big Upgrade
Crypto investors might finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Over the past month, bitcoin has risen 25% to reach around $21,000 as of this writing, and ethereum is up by nearly 30% at a price of $1,560. 
2023 Likely To Bring A Crypto Investment Correction For VCs
Crypto and fintech, many argue, were overfunded sectors in 2022. This decline should be considered a rationalization that will force entrepreneurs to up their game while also weeding out superfluous or illegitimate projects.
Three Tips To Maximize Your Collectibles Investments
I’ve learned some things in my collectibles journey so far. Some tips to help you maximize the treasure-hunting process. 
Three Ways 2023 Can Benefit Investors
2022 was a rough year for the stock, startup, and crypto markets. Inflation has been brutal, which has dampened investor spirits.
1 to 16 of 97 Posts
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