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Crypto Is No Longer A Non-Correlated Asset
Bitcoin, at least when the equity markets are in turmoil, tends to reflect the broader markets.
Fidelity Is Changing The Bitcoin Market
Fidelity is changing the nature of the Bitcoin market. Last week, Fidelity announced it would allow people to invest in Bitcoin through their 401(k) accounts. Fidelity was one of the first institutional investors to embrace the asset class.
The Fun And Profitable World Of Collectibles
Before crypto, before startups, before I even knew what the stock market was, I was into collectibles. Collectibles is a rapidly growing investment space. The estimated size of the collectibles market is $370 billion. That number will likely grow.
Week's End Crypto Update: Contemplating A Digital Dollar
Banks make hundreds of billions of dollars running the current inefficient system. They have zero interest in disrupting themselves. And the banks own Washington. So the best version of a digital dollar is just a pipe dream.
Ethereum Merge Searches Give ETH A Boost
The correlation between searches for Bitcoin and the price is well established. The more searches there are, the higher the price goes. Last month, Google searches for “ethereum merge” hit an all-time high, and the price of Ethereum went up.
Goldman Sachs Signals Crypto Is Here For The Long Haul
Goldman’s move into crypto isn’t a game changer. But it’s an incredibly positive signal to American investors and other big asset management firms that crypto has to be part of any investor’s portfolio.


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