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Dr. Kris Andersen has been managing money for over twenty years as a private investor and portfolio manager. Combining her love of cooking with her expertise in the financial markets, Dr. Kris developed, a website featuring easy to follow financial ... more


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The Race To $1Trillion
Who will be the first to hit $1Trillion in market cap? Will it be Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google...or someone else?
Tra-la Or Ruh-roh?
Is the market poised to go up or down? Even technicians are confused.
Major Averages Setting Up For Another Sharp Move To The Downside
Major averages in classic pennant/wedge formations indicate further downside
Dow Transports Push Higher On Stock Rotation
Rising bond rates push bonds lower/banks higher
Uranium & Steel Stocks Rise On Nuclear Build-out
Planned build-out in nuclear power plants boosting uranium & steel stocks
Russia & Oil On The Comeback Trail?
Big breakouts today in Oil & Gas producers/explorers/drillers and Russian etfs--is this the start of rally?
Smaller Biotechs Still Got Game
Larger biotechs see profit-taking but there's a lot of bullish activity in the smaller issues
Twitter Shares Rise On Take-over Rumors
Gold, silver, oil ready for a breather? China stocks still in rally mode; Cotton staging a comeback; Market turning negative; Twitter shares rise as take-over rumors intensify
Yay For Yellen!
Yellen shows us that, in fact, no "patience" is a virtue.
A Bumpy Road For Biotechs?
Bearish signs in biotech charts
Erospace Flying/Real-estate Sliding
Investors still finding value in aerospace & exiting REITs
Oil Gains As Bonds Slump
Bond funds break secondary support levels; oil explorers stage bullish island reversals
Things Are Heating Up In The Land Of The Rising Sun
The devaluation of the yen has lit a fire under some Japanese stocks
Bears Push Major Averages Below Support Levels
The major averages breaking support levels in a flight to safety
The Santa Rally: To Be...or Not To Be?
Evidence points to a Santa Rally but there are some grinches that could spoil the party,
Is The Santa Rally Back On Track?
Today's most notable market leaders: Utilities, tech, real-estate, healthcare, consumer staples.
1 to 16 of 34 Posts
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