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Beware The Current Market Calm
While the major averages have been treading water for the past week, there’s been a lot of turbulence roiling under the surface. We’ve been noting the recent plummet in metals, and today’s continuation is no exception.
Tra-La Or Ruh-Roh? - May 9, 2016
I know it may sound unthinkable, but there are times when even market technicians can’t predict the future direction of the S&P. One of those times just so happens to be right now.
Uranium & Steel Stocks Rise On Nuclear Build-out
Yesterday’s rally in steel stocks could be a by-product of the surge in uranium and nuclear energy stocks. India, China, and Japan are building nuclear power infrastructures, and this is bullish for both uranium and steel.
Is The Market Poised For A Correction?
Judging by the bullish movement in the major averages, it appears as if we’re entering a new leg up. The small-cap Russell 2000 and the tech laden Nasdaq popped to new highs on Friday.
Will 2015 Be The Year Of The Bear?
It’s interesting how many financial pundits are saying that we are still in a bull market because right now I can’t find much to justify it. In fact, there are some reasons to suspect that we may be in the initial phase of a major down-turn.
Historical Returns Of Traditional Asset Classes
When considering asset allocation, you must also take into account your investment horizon. Are you in your early 20′s and investing for the next 50-70+ or are you much closer to retirement and need to shelter your nest egg?
Is It About To Rain On This Rally?
Today’s better than expected jobs number helped hoist most of the major averages to new highs…and pushed the volatility index (VIX) to a low not seen since the beginning of 2007.
Is It About To Rain On This Rally?
A divergence between VIX and VVIX may be indicate an impending reversal in market direction.
Sugar Sours
Friday, the stock was soundly rejected from its upper channel boundary and today the stock gapped lower continuing the trend.
Bulls & Bears Ducking Out Early
Weekend Roundup: The bulls and bears both bugged out early and spent the rest of the day playing seesaw on the beach. Volume was tilted to the light side while the teeter-totter was tilted to the bulls' side. Bullish action (what's left of it) is still heavily weighted towards the oil stocks.
Bears Come Out Of Hibernation On Oil Disruption Fears
Anytime the spectre of political unrest arises in an OPEC country, investors flee risk (aka stocks) and put their funds into safer havens, typically oil, precious metals, and bonds. Three of the more popularly traded oil exchange-traded vehicles--OIL, DBO, US, all broke out today.
Investors Reacting Positively To The Chemical Makers
Finding bargains in this market is becoming more difficult and the few groups that are currently under accumulation are the ones that are relatively undervalued and that also pay a dividend, such as food producers and chemical makers. Also a late day correction::Transports are not showing fatigue.
Bears Trying To Take Over But Bulls Are Putting Up A Fight
The mighty Dow Transports couldn't continue traveling in fourth gear and downshifted today leading the rest of the market in the downhill direction. But whether today's move is a minor bump in the road remains to be seen. Is today the start of "Sell in May"?
Warren, Steve, Or Bill: Qui Es Mas Macho?
Warren Buffett, aka the Oracle of Omaha, is considered by many to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, investor of all time. And if I had been a long time shareholder of the Class A shares in his company, Berkshire-Hathaway (BRK.A), I’d be a very happy camper.
Investors Fleeing High-fliers
The market sell-off continues as investors continue to exit recent high-fliers
Is The Bad News Already Priced In?
If heightened volatility has you reaching for the Pepto Bismol bottle, waiting it out on the sidelines may be the best place for you right now.
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