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China's Record First Quarter Fuels Strong Expansion In 2021
China’s 1st quarter record performance will accelerate momentum in China and support recovery in the US and global economic prospects – as long as unwarranted geopolitical tensions remain in check.
Orchestrated Conflicts In The South China Sea
As a concerted effort to inflame tensions in the South China Sea, the recent Felipe Reef debacle is in a class of its own. The objective is conflict creation, continued Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and mitigated Duterte legacies.
Blinken’s China Vision - Whither US-China Trade, In Whose Interest?
In contrast to the hopes of moderate bipartisan voices, Blinken's China vision builds on the Trump-Pompeo unipolarity, at the expense of US business and American people. The semiconductor debacle is a prelude to future.
In The Eye Of Southeast Asia's COVID-19 Surge
Vaccination drives are picking up pace in the advanced economies, in part at the expense of the poorer countries. Some major economies have been hoarding vaccines, they have boosted excessive price levels and delayed deliveries elsewhere.
Two Sessions: Amid Uncertainty, China’s Quest For Bold Development
China’s annual “Two Sessions” meeting has approved national priorities for 2021. The government has set a growth target of over 6% for the Chinese economy for 2021, releasing a numeric goal after it was skipped in 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
The Global Vaccine Race Against Time And Variants
Despite pandemic fatigue and complacency in too many countries, vaccine inequality will penalize poorer economies, which are also likely to prove more vulnerable to new variants.
US-China Reset Key To Brighter Global Economic Prospects
After four years of US-Sino tensions, the Biden administration could speed up US recovery, while restoring bilateral trust with China. That would foster global economic prospects. The reverse would undermine those prospects.
China's Accelerated Recovery Key To Global Growth
China’s public-health authorities believe a major outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the Chinese mainland is unlikely. The authorities have taken strong containment measures to rapidly identify, isolate and control potential outbreaks.
Overstretch: The Long Shadow Of Soaring US Debt
If the past year was dominated by the huge human costs of COVID-19, the next few years will be about its economic aftermath, including the alarming rise of US debt. What’s needed is multilateral cooperation - a new 'Grand Alliance.'
RPEC: Why World’s Largest Free-Trade Pact Matters
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is an extraordinary achievement amid aggressive geopolitics, self-defeating trade wars, and accelerating global pandemic. It is also a leap toward a better future.
Trump Fired, Biden Hired, What Next?
After the tight 2020 election, there’s only one way President-elect Joe Biden can win over both Americans and other nations. He has to deliver on multiple fronts, amid a divided nation and huge challenges.
China’s New 15-Year Vision: 'Dual Circulation’ To Sustainable Growth
While the coronavirus fallout is still escalating in Western economies, China’s rebound has begun. Global recovery requires multilateral cooperation that China's new development pattern seeks to foster.
Economic Contractions Overshadow ASEAN-6 Recovery 
Among Southeast Asia’s major economies – ASEAN-6 - Indonesia and the Philippines have currently almost 360,000 confirmed cases each. According to WHO’s models, the real number could be 3.5 million or more. 
Whatever Happened To EU’s Integrity With The Philippines?
Recently, the EU Parliament adopted a resolution denouncing the state of human rights and press freedom in the Philippines. However, the resolution seems to rely on flawed data, political agendas and prejudicial bias.
From Shenzhen’s Economic Miracle To Greater Bay’s Global Innovation
Since the 1980s, China’s reforms and Special Economic Zones have sparked Shenzhen’s economic miracle, Guangdong’s industrial transformation and Greater Bay Area’s innovation engine.
The Tragedy Of More Missed COVID-19 Opportunities
According to a new report, US states are the most virus-affected relative to major economies. As COVID-19 has proceeded in two phases, containment failures in the West continue to fuel the pandemic and economic damage.
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