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From Shenzhen’s Economic Miracle To Greater Bay’s Global Innovation
Since the 1980s, China’s reforms and Special Economic Zones have sparked Shenzhen’s economic miracle, Guangdong’s industrial transformation and Greater Bay Area’s innovation engine.
The Tragedy Of More Missed COVID-19 Opportunities
According to a new report, US states are the most virus-affected relative to major economies. As COVID-19 has proceeded in two phases, containment failures in the West continue to fuel the pandemic and economic damage.
Trump White House Accelerating Toward A Dollar Crisis
As the US economy is heading toward its disastrous 2nd quarter results, the Trump administration is considering the expansion of the trade war to finance, which could destabilize the US dollar and derail the post-pandemic global economy.
Protracted G7 Contraction – Or Multiyear Global Depression
Global growth prospects are deteriorating. Instead of a V-shaped recovery in the 2nd quarter, advanced economies will face historical carnage and a prolonged contraction. But there’s still worse ahead.
Inconvenient Truths About US Debt Explosion
The resurgence of COVID-19 in the United States is paving the way to a debt record, even relative to government debt at the end of World War II. The collateral damage in global recovery will be significant.
Prepare For The Global Impact Of US COVID-19 Resurgence
As a result of the resurgence of COVID-19 in the US, international exits from lockdowns and global economic recovery are virtually ensured to take a series of new hits when the US eventually returns back to business.
After 2nd Quarter Carnage, The Quest For Philippine Recovery
Recently, the IMF downgraded most growth projections, due to weaker private consumption and elevated uncertainty in investment. Those are the twin engines of the Philippine economy. So, what’s ahead for economic recovery?
Hainan’s ASEAN Future And Dark Clouds Over Hong Kong
The Hainan Free Trade Port plan is aligned with China’s new Silk Road initiatives, the Greater Bay Area plan and deeper ties with Southeast Asia. Hong Kong’s real threats are closer and farther.
Worse-Than-Expected Coronavirus Contraction In ASEAN-4
In the coming months, success or failure to contain the global pandemic and overcome the coronavirus contraction has potential to make or break the promise of Southeast Asia in the early 21st century.
Trump's Final Gamble: From Chinagate To Hybrid Wars
The disastrous failure of the Trump administration to contain COVID-19 will result in catastrophic 2nd quarter data. As a result, Trump is risking his re-election on domestic unrest, fatal geopolitics and a global depression.
Europe’s Pandemic Dilemma
In the ongoing battle against the global pandemic, belated responses will result in huge human costs and massive economic damage. In Europe, losses are climaxing in the 2nd quarter of 2020.
HH China’s ‘Two Sessions’ Herald Rebound Of Economy
As the coronavirus fallout is spreading in Western economies, China’s rebound has begun. Global recovery requires global cooperation, however.
The Tragedy Of Missed COVID-19 Opportunities
As China’s economy is rebounding, the belated COVID-19 mobilization in the United States and Europe has resulted in huge human and economic damage.
Prepare For Defective Herd Immunity: It’s Coming
As advanced economies have failed to contain COVID-19, fattened epidemic curves could make the global pandemic longer and deadlier.
Report On COVID-19 Human Costs And Economic Damage
The belated COVID-19 mobilization has resulted in historical human costs and a major economic damage. If right policies are further ignored, a multi-year global contraction could follow.
The Coming Impact Of Coronavirus Contraction In ASEAN
After the COVID-19 earthquake and a historical contraction, China is rebounding, whereas advanced economies face a depression-like plunge. The consequent tsunami is about to hit Southeast Asia.
1 to 16 of 197 Posts
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