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Bert Dohmen is a serious analyst and a trader. You’ve probably seen him on national TV such as CNBC, Neil Cavuto’s show on FOXNEWS, CNN, or read his views in Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Business Week, etc.

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Why Stimulus Can't Stave Off The Impending Market Correction
In the short-term, we see important signs of exhaustion that could lead to a painful time for the bulls.
Don't Fall For The Bull Trap!
Should investors continue to buy the dip that keeps on dipping?
The Rout In The Treasury Markets Is Far From Over
Something very abnormal is going on with the central banks of the world. They seem to be fearful that the entire system of debt might implode. Their solution? Create more debt.
The Short Squeeze: Another Failed Reality Check For The Markets
Speculators have gone back to doing what they do best.
A New Strategy For Outperforming The Markets
Contrary to popular opinion, stock or index performance has little to do with most economic fundamentals touted by economists.
Is It Time For Bitcoin To Break Out, Or Will The Double Top Lead To Another Big Plunge?
Once again, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all over the news.
Excessive Optimism, Record Highs, And Warning Signs
November was a spectacular month for the stock market. Will markets hold on to their November momentum and rally into year-end?
Will The Rally End In A New Year Bull Trap?
Once again, the major stock indices are distorting the true performance in the market. This time, however, it may not be in the way you expect.
Why The Stock Market Is Finally Paying Attention To The Economy
Companies have significantly reduced payrolls and have found that they can operate well remotely and with few people. Everything points towards “shrinkage,” not expansion above last year’s levels.
Why The Melt-Up Is Now Melting Down
Evidence suggests that this year's bear market rally culminated with the top on September 2nd, when the big manipulation schemes in stocks began to unravel.
The House Of Cards Is Ready To Collapse
Without renewed fiscal stimulus, what trajectory is in store for the stock market?
Who Will Be Swimming Naked When The Tide Goes Out?
The current market environment is very similar to other speculative peaks we’ve seen before. Record levels of speculation in a number of many areas of the financial markets have produced an “everything bubble”, at minimum matching that of early 2000.
Is Gold In The Midst Of A 30-Year Bull Market?
Not long ago, the financial media readily dismissed gold as an investment - now, it's making daily headlines. With falling interest rates and a weaker dollar, the case for gold seems to only get stronger.
Why The Next Market Plunge May Be Worse Than The February Crash
We discuss some warning signs on the horizon for the stock market, and identify some striking parallels between the current behavior of major indices and their behavior earlier this year.
1 to 14 of 14 Posts