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Bert Dohmen is a serious analyst and a trader. You’ve probably seen him on national TV such as CNBC, Neil Cavuto’s show on FOXNEWS, CNN, or read his views in Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Business Week, etc.

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Why Stimulus Can't Stave Off The Impending Market Correction
In the short-term, we see important signs of exhaustion that could lead to a painful time for the bulls.
Don't Fall For The Bull Trap!
Should investors continue to buy the dip that keeps on dipping?
The Rout In The Treasury Markets Is Far From Over
Something very abnormal is going on with the central banks of the world. They seem to be fearful that the entire system of debt might implode. Their solution? Create more debt.
The Short Squeeze: Another Failed Reality Check For The Markets
Speculators have gone back to doing what they do best.
A New Strategy For Outperforming The Markets
Contrary to popular opinion, stock or index performance has little to do with most economic fundamentals touted by economists.
Is It Time For Bitcoin To Break Out, Or Will The Double Top Lead To Another Big Plunge?
Once again, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are all over the news.




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Is it too late to jump into the best-performing asset of 2020? Read for our short and long-term forecasts.
Were You Prepared For The Stock Market’s “Coronavirus Plunge?”
With today's 1000+ point plunge in the Dow, most investors were caught by surprised, incurring huge losses in just one day. Yet, since early January, the technical signals had been warning of a huge “demand vacuum” being created while major indices, and a handful of stocks, reached all-time highs.
Why Are Investors Buying Trillions Of Dollars Of Negative-Yield Bonds?
It appears that the big, smart money worldwide is scrambling to buy TRILLIONS of dollars of bonds, even bonds with negative yields. Inflows into bond funds are near a record high. Global bond funds have had an inflow of about $330 billion just this year. That is huge.
Will A Rate Cut Be As Bullish For Stocks As Everybody Believes?
Fed head Jerome Powell’s assuring testimony in front of Congress on July 10th hinted more than ever that a rate cut would be made later this month. However, at Dohmen Capital, we pose the important question: “are declining interest rates bullish for stocks?”
What The Biggest Investors Are Doing With Their Money Now
Right now, money flows, into and out of the stock market, show huge outflows by the traditional largest stock buyers, such as institutions. If institutions have been big sellers of listed stocks in the past, but the cash levels of funds are not rising, where have institutions been investing?
The Deception Behind “Strong” Employment Reports
This year we are in the market phase where a weak economy is looked upon as positive. It implies that the Fed will cut rates, which Wall Street seems to think will stimulate the economy. However, that is a false belief.
The Bear Market Rally That Faked Out Most Investors
Most investors were euphoric during the last part of the recent rally and were caught buying at the top only to see their investments plunge since May 1. Yet, the warning signs were clear that the rally was not genuine and instead was simply a bear market rally. Read what we saw ahead...
The 'Fake' Bull Rally Is Hitting Resistance
With the Dow rising 9 of the past 10 weeks, you once again hear all the exuberance from analysts in the financial media that you heard in late September 2018.

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