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The Power of Dividend Growth Investing

I focus on dividend growth investing with a long-term horizon since I believe in the compounding power of dividend growth investing. I generally look for undervalued large cap stocks with sustainable dividend growth and capital appreciation potential. My second focus is tech and small- or ... more

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The S&P 500: Like A Yo-Yo
7 months ago

Lol! I know it's a but much for most investors. It's the reason why I like dividen growth stocks.

Stocks Are Undervalued
8 months ago


The Fed Moved Decisively - Week In Review
9 months ago

Well, a 0.5% for the first time in two decades was decisive.

AT&T Vs. Verizon Stock: Telecom Stock Matchup
1 year ago

Agreed. The risk wiht AT&T is the dividend cut. However, the company is going back to its core business, which is a good thing. 

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Better Credit Card Stock: Visa Vs MasterCard?
1 year ago


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Altria (MO) – A Dividend King To Own
1 year ago

I have quite a few articles on my website. Some are syndicated here but some are not. I think there are some deal in utilities right now and I have some articles addressing those.

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Altria (MO) – A Dividend King To Own
1 year ago

There are significant advances to owning divided growth stocks. Take a look at my site.

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Earnings Start Growing Again
1 year ago

Good article.

3 Utilities Yielding Over 4% For Post COVID-19
2 years ago

Sorry, I can only post abstracts of my articles from Seeking Alpha.

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