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The Power of Dividend Growth Investing

I focus on dividend growth investing with a long-term horizon since I believe in the compounding power of dividend growth investing. I generally look for undervalued large cap stocks with sustainable dividend growth and capital appreciation potential. My second focus is tech and small- or ... more


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Dividend Safety Analysis: Franklin Resources
Franklin Resources’ yield is attractive, and at approximately 3.55%, it far exceeds that of the broader market. But Franklin Resources is facing industrywide headwinds that are negatively affecting AUM and thus revenue and margins.
The Rise Of Airbnb – Why And How Does It Work?
Real estate is known to be a fantastic investment because of its flexibility. In fact, you can buy and sell it for more profits or use it to earn continuous income through property rentals.
Scotiabank Is A Terrible Long-Term Investment
Investing based solely on dividend metrics is a fundamentally flawed way of investing and BNS is a perfect example of this.
SCHD Vs. VIG: Which Dividend Growth ETF Fits In Your Portfolio?
SCHD and VIG seem relatively similar, but their portfolios are composed differently, and the concentration of stocks is different.
Canadian Stocks Paying 100+ Years Of Dividends
Paying a dividend for this length of time demonstrates the resiliency of the business and management’s commitment to paying a consistent dividend.
Stock Market This Week - Week Ending, Jan. 14
The stock market continued its solid start to 2023 despite fear of rising interest and a recession. Inflation reports came in better than expected, and comments from members of the U.S. Federal Reserve were less hawkish.
Social Security: When Should You Start Collecting?
One of the most asked questions near-retirees have about Social Security is when is the best time to start taking benefits. Even though many may assume that putting off your benefits as long as possible is more beneficial this is not always correct.
SL Green Realty Dividend Cut
SLG Realty announced a dividend cut on December 5, 2022. The company reduced the quarterly dividend by 12.9% to $0.2708 from $0.3108 per share.
With Competitors Closing In, Will Tesla Turn A Corner In 2023?
The outlook for 2023 remains unclear. While the recessionary environment is likely to drag down growth stocks like Tesla further, there may be silver linings yet. 
3 Worst Performing Dividend Aristocrats In 2022
The year 2022 proved difficult to traverse for investors. But the dividend growth investing strategy performed reasonably well, in many cases.
3 Worst Performing Dividend Kings In 2022
A look at the three worst-performing Dividend Kings in 2022 which are Stanley Black & Decker, Target, and 3M Company.
3 Worst Performing Dow Jones Stocks In 2022
The Dow Jones Industrial Average also known as the Dow 30 will likely finish 2022 with a negative return.
Essex Property Trust: Undervalued REIT
A look at ESS’s dividend history, growth, and yield.
Visa’s Attractive Valuation Makes It A Buy
With the increase in interest rates, V’s non-operating expense will benefit from higher interest income from its cash balances.
B&G Foods Dividend Cut
B&G Foods is facing significant challenges with leverage, interest coverage, and inflation affecting its ability to pay the dividend before it’s cut.
3 Recession Proof Stocks With Low Volatility
3 Recession Proof Stocks with Low Volatility. The world is experiencing a wide range of macro troubles right now. These problems include the ongoing war in Ukraine, lockdowns in China, as well as rising inflation and interest rates.
1 to 16 of 163 Posts
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