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I am in my early 30's and for three years I have been  investing in dividend stocks with the goal to generate enough passive income to reach financial independence at the age of 40. I also started a blog called to share my investing experience with you.


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My 365 Days Trading Challenge
My strategy is quite basic, I will only invest in current significant under performers, and those stocks which have experienced a massive sell off in the last couple of weeks and months.
European Dividend Stocks
What do you think about these stocks? Do have any other european stocks on your watch list?
Dividend Income Update October 2018
Another month has passed and it is already November. October was another good month for my dividend income and I again managed to improve my income compared to the year before.
Recent Dividend Increases
The advantages of a dividend investor and especially of a dividend growth investor should be that the companies increase their dividends every year.
1 to 4 of 4 Posts