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I am in my early 30's and for three years I have been investing in dividend stocks with the goal to generate enough passive income to reach financial independence at the age of 40. I also started a blog called to share my investing experience with you.

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Portfolio Update May 2020
Somehow, I am not trusting this rally.
Stock Of The Week: NextEra Energy Inc.
NEE has increased its dividend for now 10 years. This is already a very good streak of dividend increases and the latest increase was 12% so the company is able to deliver a very good growth rate.
Dividend Income Update April 2020
Definitely the market is hard to understand and I am not really trusting this April rally at all. Nevertheless, I did some investments this month.
Dividend Income March 2020
March is over and it was a crazy month not only in terms of investing also we are confronted with restrictions in our daily, which probably we could never think of 6 weeks ago.
The Corona Crisis And My Watch List
I don’t know how you guys feel about all this Corona drama at the moment, for me it is a massive overreaction of the media and especially of the politicians and it is quite a pain to watch my portfolio shrinking on a daily basis at the moment.
Dividend Income Update June 2019
It is now already June one of the strongest dividend months of the year. June was again a great month, the development this year is really fantastic compared to the last year.
Portfolio Update June 2019
Now as it is already June 2019 I want to give you a quick update of my independence fund. Currently the portfolio has reached a size of 73 828.99 EUR or83 304.72 USD. The portfolio contains of 34 companies and four ETF’s so far.
Latest Investments June 2019
In the last 10 days I invested in two companies. The first one was my yearly purchase of Uniqa Insurance and the second one was finally my initial investment in Valero Corp.
Dividend Income Update May 2019
Time for one of my favorite posts of each month: the dividend income update. It is now already June, one of the strongest dividend months of the year. But May was not so for us either...
Latest Dividend Stock Watch List
The overall market is on a down trend again, that also means some nice investment possibilities are out there again. So let’s have a look at some of my favorites stocks for the next upcoming weeks.
Stock Analysis: 3M
In the last weeks the stock market decided to go down a bit, and 3M in particular really got hammered. But this creates an opportunity as it is one of the best dividend paying companies in the world and currently the price is cheap.
Walgreen Boots Alliance Stock Analysis
Despite the up stock market, there are some companies which went down heavily, one of them is WBA. So let’s have a look if it is worth an investment for the moment.
Watch List 2nd Quarter 2019
The first quarter has been a quite successful. Nevertheless the market still offer quite some opportunities out there and I will mention a few stocks which are on my list for the next three months.
Recent Dividend Increases And Cuts 2019
Being a dividend investor has two major advantages, first of all, you do not rely that much on the changes of the share price and when the stock price is on a very low level you just collect the dividends.
Is Gilead Science A Potential Buy?
Currently, the company pays a yearly dividend of 2.52 USD, which equals a yield of 3.85%.
Is Illinois Tool Work The Next One…?
ITW has increased their dividends for 55 years. This is quite an impressive streak of dividend increases which makes the stock one of the best dividend paying companies.
1 to 16 of 98 Posts
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