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Small Gains Continue; S&P Reaches Resistance
While the S&P parked itself at resistance, the Nasdaq started to edge past its 200-day MA, while gains were small, they were probably enough to scare shorts into covering or at least hold of on attacking their 200-day MAs.
Russell 2000 Approaches 200-day MA; S&P Breaks 200-day MA
It was another day bulls chalked up a victory and indices posted gains across the board. Some indices did better than others but there is no clear weakness to work off yet.
Small Gains Keep Rally Ticking Over
Yesterday delivered small gains which kept the rally chugging along but there wasn't much to add on today's action.
Russell 2000 Adds A Little Bullish Gloss
There wasn't a whole lot to add today's action as 200-day MAs dominate near term action. The only index which offered a little kicker was the Russell 2000.
Semiconductors Kick On As Bounce Reaches Extremes
This bounce which kicked off in December has reached levels which are getting rich for many but not for the Semiconductor Index.
Quiet Friday Helped Maintain Indices Breakouts
Friday's action in the indices didn't do a whole lot, but what it did do was help carry last week's breakouts through the weekend.
Bullish Accumulation
A good day for bulls delivered a breakout in the Dow Jones Industrials Index and across the board accumulation for other indices.
And So The Shorts Dance Continues...
It seems every market gain is soon followed by a loss (and a potential shorting opportunity), but each time shorts are left hung out to dry. Will this time be different?
Friday's Gains Squeeze Shorts But Don't Follow Through
There wasn't a whole lot to Friday except that any shorts were squeezed by the morning gap. There wasn't any follow through but there was higher volume accumulation; suggesting there are more bulls than bears - even after a +10% gain from lows.
Once Again, Looks Like Shorts Will Be Whipsawed... Again
Today wasn't the day but every time we get a possible sell/short signal, buyers come in to halt the sell-off.
Tech Reverses Off Resistance; Bull Traps For Semiconductors And Russell 2000
After two short plays were cut from under Large Cap traders it's now the turn of Small Caps and Tech indices to take a second bite of the cherry.
Swing Trade Breaks In Shorts Favor But No Follow Through Lower
From a pure price perspective, the suggested swing trades broke to the downside, but the lack of follow-through beyond the opening hour doesn't suggest shorts are going to win here.
Has The Bounce Peaked?
The S&P again kept to resistance defined by the October spike low with the 50-day MA offering some additional resistance. Technicals edged bullish except the Directional indicator which slowed since November; indicating a switch to a trading range.
S&P & Dow Jones Reaches Resistance
Large Cap Indices finished right on resistance from the October and November swing lows.
Strong Friday Finish Negates Apple Bad News
Friday was the finish markets needed to offset the losses from Apple's earlier in the week earnings release. Once again, markets proved resilient in the face of bad news and this is bullish.
Embrace The Fear - Russell 2000 And S&P In 'Strong Buy' Territory
Investors should now take note that both the S&P and Russell 2000 fell into the 'Strong Buy' territory in the move to their respective swing lows. Like it or not, this is a significant investor buying opportunity for Small Cap stocks.
1 to 16 of 853 Posts
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