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Declan Fallon runs a market commentary blog at, and is a contributor to TalkMarkets and Seeking Alpha. He previously contributed to the Motley Fool. Declan Fallon is also a UI/UX Dashboard Designer for First ...more


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S&P "Bull Trap" Negated As Sellers Lose Momentum
It's not exactly textbook, but whenever bears are able to punish markets they are quickly undone, often by a single day of strong buying.
Peak "Black Candlesticks" Again Offer Cause For Concern
With junior traders likely to be still holding the reigns after the long weekend it was worrisome to see 'black' candlesticks pop into the charts of the Nasdaq and S&P.
Solid Gains Into Memorial Weekend As Semiconductors Surge
Friday offered itself as a solid day for bulls, the only thing it lacked was volume.
"Black Candlesticks" Are A Concern For The S&P And Nasdaq
A bright start for bulls on the back of positive NVDA earnings wasn't enough to generate a day of meaningful gains. However, it did help stall the losses of the last couple of days.
S&P "Bull Trap"?
I thought there was sufficient evidence to argue against a "bull trap" in the S&P, but it would appear the market wasn't interested in such thoughts.
S&P 500 Breakout
The S&P delivered with a solid breakout, albeit on modest volume.
Starting To See Separation And Some Follow Through For Nasdaq And Russell 2000
Things are picking up for bulls. The Nasdaq added a solid white candlestick to make the current move look more like the breakout that started (and stalled a little) last week.
Another Small Step For Man...
No great change on the day. Buyers maintained control of markets, banking small gains on low volume.
Nasdaq Breakout Holds Into The Weekend, But Follow Through Needed.
The Nasdaq went into the weekend with a breakout, and despite Friday losses it managed to cling on to breakout support.
So, This Is The Breakout...
Hardly inspiring, but a price breakout it was. The Nasdaq edged itself above resistance, but it will need to do more to confirm.
Nasdaq Breakout Tomorrow?
The setup is done, there is only one thing left for the Nasdaq to do, and that's breakout.
Losses With Distribution As Resistance Holds For The S&P And Nasdaq
It wasn't a great day for indices, particularly as volume ranked as confirmed distribution for the S&P and Nasdaq, with daily volume traded higher than any prior buying day.
Narrow Action For Markets Does Everthing But Breakout
There really wasn't much wiggle room for markets without delivering breakouts for the Nasdaq and S&P, but yet, markers managed to find them. The Nasdaq delivered a narrow day at resistance, but still no breakout.
Nasdaq And S&P Launch Another Attack At Resistance As Russell 2000 Struggles.
For the last couple of months, when buyers have had control of the Nasdaq, they have done so on bullish accumulation, but when bears have had the edge they haven't been able to control the story.
"Death Cross" In Russell 2000 As Sellers Strike Markets
The Nasdaq was interesting in that selling didn't register as distribution, although it had already experienced 'sell' triggers in the MACD and On-Balance-Volume, with the ADX joining the 'sell' triggers.
For Today, Read Yesterday - No Change In State Of Play
Today's action in the indices offered an effective repeat of Friday's - as if the weekend never happened.
1 to 16 of 1398 Posts
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