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Declan Fallon runs a market commentary blog at, and is a contributor to TalkMarkets and Seeking Alpha. He previously contributed to the Motley Fool. Declan Fallon is also a UI/UX Dashboard Designer for ... more

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Small Losses Keep Rein On Markets
The S&P and Nasdaq can only carry the can for so long, but my expectation is that they will drift into sideways trading ranges.
Yin And Yang; Russell 2000 Manages Small Gain
The Russell 2000 was one of the better performing indices on the day, but it didn't change the larger picture of an index caught in a trading range.
More Of The Same; Russell 2000 Range Bound As S&P And Nasdaq Lead
The weekend didn't deliver any change on Friday's position, the Russell 2000 couldn't follow the lead of the S&P and Nasdaq, instead of posting yet another neutral doji.
New Highs In Nasdaq And S&P Don't Help Russell 2000
For the coming week, we will want to see the Russell 2000 continue its push towards range resistance. Trading volume has been light, but this is likely to continue through the traditional vacation period of August.
Indices Bounce Off Support On Light Volume
Monday's confluence of support tests was going to bring a reaction and a reaction it did.
Decision Time For Bulls
Small Caps have reached a support level that will determine how things will go for the rest of the year.
Sellers Make A Strong Stand On Friday
There was to be no reprieve for buyers on Friday. In the past, buyers have managed to step in to provide a bit of gloss on a bad week to give bulls some optimism for Monday, but there was no such reprieve today.
Sellers Bring Havoc To Russell 2000
Last week's bounce from the swing low looks to be toast with today's distribution selling leaving the Russell 2000 just a few points above that swing low. 
Markets Edge A Little Higher, But Larger Picture Unchanged
We are still seeing most of the leg work been done by Large Cap stocks while Small Caps remain caught within their base.
Large Caps Do The Work
The S&P did close on a new all-time high, but it remained below the trendline. Technicals are net positive and remain in good shape.
Sellers Start The Day On The Offensive, But Buyers Make A Comeback
It was a day when sellers made a break at the open but weren't able to press the early advantage.
Russell 2000 Struggles Below The Radar
On the surface, it looked to be a generally positive day with the Nasdaq gaining and the S&P recovering earlier losses - but the Russell 2000 (IWM​​​​​​​) pushed a clear cut of $228 and is now back inside the prior trading range.
Buying Pressure Continues To Drive Indices Higher As Russell 2000 Waits
The Russell 2000 was the only lead index not to gain on Friday, but it remains well-positioned to breakout with tight support at $228, wedged with resistance at $234. Be ready for a breakout, because other indices have already bombed ahead.
Indices Post Gains But Russell 2000 Still To Breakout
There wasn't a whole lot to today's gains but indices did manage to recover intraday losses. 
Breakouts Hold On Minor Changes As Russell 2000 Is Poised To Follow
The Nasdaq didn't lose ground, keeping its breakout run intact. Technicals are net positive with no bearish divergence to be concerned about.
Russell 2000 Tags Resistance As Nasdaq And S&P Breakouts Hold
There wasn't a whole lot of change on Friday, although the breakouts established in the S&P and Nasdaq held. 
1 to 16 of 1190 Posts
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