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Founder, Versatile Venture Capital
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David Teten is Founder and Partner of Versatile VC. He was previously a Managing Partner with HOF Capital and a Partner with ff Venture Capital. At both firms, he and his Partners grew AUM over 10x during his tenure. He is Founder of Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of Greater New York, now ...more

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Best Practices For Using AI In Family Offices
Discussing how the most tech-savvy family offices are using AI, tech and analytics.
What Should VCs Do With Zombie Companies?
Inevitably, some of a VC’s portfolio companies will become “zombies”: not dead, but not growing. So what do you do?
How Investors Can Fight Terror
Historically, many investors have tried hard to be apolitical. But US political dysfunction has forced many investors to become active in domestic politics, and the Hamas War forces many of us to fight Hamas.
Please Don’t Pitch A Venture Capitalist Without This Checklist
As a venture capitalist, I'm amazed at how many funding pitches lack some of the basic information which investors require before funding. Here's how to not blow your chance.
Interview: VC And Disruption Of The Investment Management Industry
In this video we discuss who is disrupting investment management and other topics relevant to family offices.
The 7 Options For Family Offices To Invest In Technology Companies
An ever-growing number of family offices want to invest into private tech companies. But how should they go about it?
1 to 6 of 6 Posts