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Inflation: Joe Biden Gets It Red Hot!
Government data mavens like to report the annualized rate of change for the most recent monthly or quarterly release. Alas, Friday’s CPI report for May was not one of those occasions—since that number came in at a smoking hot 11.6%.
CPI Is Running At 2.43% Y/Y Based On Services Alone
CPI Is Running At 2.43% Y/Y Based On Services Alone
Transitory Is So Yesterday
Why inflation is no longer transitory?
What Inflation? Housing Is A Capital Asset, Stupid!
Rising home prices could boost rent inflation.
Janet Yellen's Return & The Financial Storm Ahead...
Janet Yellen is back. Naturally, the follies of Keynesian central banking come to mind.
Fed Heading At Warp Speed Toward A Monetary Brick Wall
What commenced with Alan Greenspan’s market-supporting assurances of liquidity and asymmetric rate policy this week took a dreadful turn for the worse.
Davos Man - Misbegotten Progeny Of Keynesian Central Bankers
There were a reported 119 billionaires attending the Davos confab this year – plus the Donald, who took a day off from Impeachment to address this august gathering of the world’s movers and shakers.
Mach Schnell, Mario! You Didn't Help A Bit
This chart says it all.
Global Slowdown? Mexico’s GDP Declines Year-Over-Year For First Time Since 2009
In the third quarter of 2019, Mexico notched up its first year-over-year decline in GDP since the final quarter of 2009, when it was in the midst of a sharp recession brought on by the Financial Crisis.
What Strong Jobs Market?
The US economy has generated just 11,000 breadwinner jobs per month for the last 19 years running.
65 Years Of More Debt, Less Growth
This chart on the non-financial corporate debt to GDP ratio says it all.
August Payrolls---Punk And Heading Worse
As in the headline, there are a number of details inside the payroll reports suggesting an unusual level of downside.
Too Late For The Fed Money Pumpers: The Manufacturing Recession Is Already Here
Mainstream talk, when even admitting the possibility of weakness, continues to center on trade wars. The markets displayed the further decay of eurodollars.
Red Ponzi's Winning The Corporate Debt Race With The U.S.
The US corporate debt of $15 trillion pales compared to China’s corporate debt of $19.7 trillion.
The Great Student Debtberg Since 2006: Loans Outstanding Up 3X, Delinquent Debt Up 8X
From 2006 to 2018, total outstanding U.S. student loans surged over 200% from $521 billion to $1.57 trillion.
Broken Trend Lines - Attention Needs Be Paid!
Sure enough, the Dow fell 296 points or 1.2% on Friday, while the S&P 500 fell 1.7%, which confirms the technical breakdown under the important trendline that formed in early 2016.
1 to 16 of 511 Posts
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