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Senior Analyst, The Morgan Report; Professional Writer via The Write Doctor. Inc.

David H. Smith is Senior Analyst for The Morgan Report  and a columnist at Money Metals Exchange. Through his business, The Write Doctor, Inc. he is a professional writer for a number of ... more


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Gold And Silver: Your Financial Main Battle Tanks
Armored vehicle-enabled soldiers and the designers who build them understand that the main battle tank must balance three critical elements in order to "complete the mission."
Why Copper Will Help Define Silver Supply Through At Least 2030
70% of silver supply comes as a "by-product" of base metals, e.g., lead, zinc, copper, and (some) gold.
What's In The Gold Box? (And How Robust Demand And Uncertain Supply Are Cleaning It Out)
For a number of reasons, the gold supply box will increasingly struggle to meet demand, a continuing secular trend, even in the unlikely event that governments finally get their fiscal houses in order, turning around well-deserved public mistrust.
Magflation: An Unexpected Gold And Silver Driver
During the 1970's, the U.S. experienced a decade of below-trend economic growth combined with rising interest rates – and eventually – massively higher gold and silver prices.
Don't Let The Silver (And Gold) Bull Shake You Off
Gold and silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a measure of large investor interest, are experiencing outflows as opposed to an almost interrupted inflow over the last few months.
Silver's Coming To Double-Trigger A Shotgun Price Explosion
Even in the competitive hunting/shooting community, few enthusiasts know about an arcane rifle known as a "double-trigger shotgun." Essentially, it's a double-barrel shotgun having a trigger for each barrel.
Gold And Silver Are Still Locked And Loaded… Don't Be Out Of Ammo
Acquiring and holding physical gold and silver doesn't have to be complicated. The pullback this week does not negate the outlook for higher prices in the coming weeks and months.
The Gold And Silver Dam Breaketh
Ask precious metals' holders and chart technicians what in the last 6-8 weeks stands out in their mind and they will point to the breakout of gold and silver above areas which had contained them for almost a decade.
A New Day Has Dawned For Gold And Silver
Most resource sector writers (including me) have for a long time been "wrong" about gold and silver.
How The C-Factor Could Decimate 2020 Global Gold And Silver Production
A huge poly-metallic (gold, silver, copper) mining operation in Mongolia "has suspended operations" after authorities "restricted the movement of goods and people within the country."
Silver. For Your Health. For Your Wealth
It's ironic that the Covid-19 outbreak came to the fore at the same time that precious metals – gold and silver – were building out lengthy technical bottoms formed in 2016 and 2019, implying much higher prices to come.
Getting On Board The Silver Express
Over the last half year or so, a number of analysts, well-heeled individuals, and mega-hedge fund managers have been taking a shine to silver. So far the "restless metal" hasn't been letting on that it's noticed.
Silver’s Three Legged Bull-Run Stool
A case can be made that silver's current price “stability” – believed by many to be well below where it "should" be – is the result of at least three interlocking factors.
Love. Fear. Inflation. A Precious Metals' Trifecta
Going forward, there are – and will continue to be – three primary drivers of global physical gold (and silver) demand.
Silver: Dry Kindling Awaiting A Spark
The best way to make significant money with defined risk is to spot an investment vehicle that is out of favor, trading below production cost, moving into longer term deficit, yet needed and desired by people around the globe. A vehicle like silver.
There's Something Worse Than Having A "Losing Position"
When your investment efforts hit a wall and you feel like you've failed, keep on going a bit longer. Don't quit and give up like so many others do. To succeed and prosper, don't allow yourself to stop just..."three feet from gold".
1 to 16 of 16 Posts