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David Dierking is a writer focusing primarily on ETFs, dividend income strategies and retirement planning.

He is a current contributor for Seeking Alpha. In the past, he has contributed to Motley Fool, ETF Trends and Investopedia. He was also included in the panel for ... more


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Sector Buy/Sell Signals – Week Of November 18th
Equities in the U.S. and around the world are flashing buy signals but fixed income and precious metals are looking very weak.
ETF Trade Ideas For The Week Ahead: The Rally In Semiconductors & Biotechs Probably Isn't Done
Cyclical sectors have rallied hard since the beginning of October but I don't it's done yet. I expect stocks to continue drifting up through the end of 2019 before pulling back in the start of 2020.
The Latest Q4 GDPNowcast Is Out And It Looks Miserable
At 1.5% less than three weeks ago, the Q4 GDP estimate has plunged all the way to 0.3% based on recent economic data.
Sector Buy/Sell Signals – Week Of October 28th
Market momentum is beginning to shift away from U.S. equities and towards international equities. Emerging markets, in particular, are looking attractive as the falling dollar has fueled gains.
Gold & Silver Getting Ready To Rally
Several precious metals analysts are noting that gold prices could be poised to jump as much as $300 an ounce.
Sector Buy/Sell Signals – Week Of October 21st
While most equity sectors, both large-cap and small-cap, remain above their 200-day moving averages, most of the other indicators are flashing sell signals.
The Brexit Deal Is Done; Here’s How To Invest For It
The long-awaited Brexit deal is finally in place and while it still has to make its way through Parliament, it looks like a major source of uncertainty is finally being lifted off of the Eurozone.
Why I Added KWEB To My Portfolio
This reason I bought is simple - this nonsense about delisting Chinese companies in the United States.
Sector Buy/Sell Signals – Week Of September 30th
Stocks have mostly drifted gently downward over the past several trading days but most indicators are still suggesting the bulls are in control.
Buy The Dip In China Stocks & ETFs
One of the biggest stories in the financial markets today is the White House contemplating limiting or completely choking off investment into China.
Three ETFs I’m Watching Closely This Week
Despite long-term fundamentals that slowly deteriorate, short-term sentiment should remain positive. With a slew of popular economic reports hitting this week, here are three ETFs that are worth paying particularly close attention to.
Small Cap Exposure With A 20% Yield? Yes Please
Small-caps have staged an impressive rally over the past couple of weeks.
Could Drone Strikes In Saudi Arabia Send Oil To $100?
Saudi Arabia figures to use some of its oil reserves to keep available supplies in line with expectations but oil prices will take a hit.
Sentiment Shift: Momentum Out; Value In
For the first time since the fourth quarter correction of last year, value stocks are taking market leadership.
KBE: Bank Stocks Are Roaring And It’s Likely Not Over Yet
Bank stocks are back in rally mode after the spike in Treasury yields has resulted in the group gaining 10% in just the past couple of weeks.
3 ETFs To Watch This Week
Cyclicals have taken over the lead over the past two weeks. The rally is mostly trade-fueled which means these gains are tenuous at best. Watch for trade rhetoric to drive the market narrative more than earnings, GDP or any other economic data.
1 to 16 of 122 Posts
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