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4 Defensive, Low-Volatility Funds
I'm leaning more defensive lately, and I suggest a tilt towards quality and low volatility during these times. Let's take a look at some ETFs that fall into these categories.
An ETF Focus On Emerging Markets
Cheap valuations and high forecasted growth rates are making emerging markets one of the better choices for investors in 2022. If you can stomach some of the extra volatility, the underperformance could be poised to reverse and deliver big gains.
6 Blockchain ETFs For 2022
A year ago, blockchain ETFs accounted for less than $500 million in total assets. Today, that number is $2.3 billion and likely to keep climbing. With a diverse set of investing options around, here are the 6 blockchain ETFs that you should consider.
ETF Focus On Dividend Funds
Now, stocks are entering an environment where growth is slowing, inflation is high, and the Fed has finally begun tightening conditions. In other words, it may not be the ideal time to be buying stocks. Instead, let's take a look at some ETFs.
High Yield Spreads Surpass 2011 And 2016 Peak Levels
High yield spreads haven't reached financial crisis levels yet, but they're headed in that direction.
2 Things You Should Do Right Now If You're Panicked By This Market
If this market is making you miserable and causing you to lose sleep at night, do these two things right away.


FDN First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund
QCOM QUALCOMM Incorporated
SPHD PowerShares S&P 500 High Div Portfolio



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