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David Berkowitz is principal of his consultancy, Serial Marketer, where he keeps brands, tech startups, and agencies at the cutting edge of marketing. Prior roles include running marketing for video production marketplace Storyhunter, leading the strategy practice at social listening firm ... more


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The Influence Paradox
Here's the Influence Paradox: we don't want to be gamed by the seemingly artificial and arbitrary measures of what's popular, but we are entirely reliant on those measures.
Why I Don't Respond To Random LinkedIn Connection Requests
Over the years, I've received thousands of connection requests. I'm not special. Whenever I receive a connection request, I have a triage system that applies to >99% of them...
The 3 Most Critical Criteria When Judging Startups
On May, I judged a startup pitch event. One presenter gave the best, most polished pitch; it was hard to pick any other option. But I did. Here's why...
LinkedIn, Get The Small Things Right
Congrats, LinkedIn. Your user base now tops 500 million and you contributed nearly $1 billion to Microsoft's bottom line last quarter. But for the sake of your users can you focus on trying to get the little things right?
Why Brands Will Love Amazon Echo
The walls have ears, almost literally, when Amazon's Echo is listening. This device and its peers will transform how people interact with media, appliances and even each other at home. But will the device because a marketing cash cow for Amazon and its advertisers?
Why You Should Fear Take-Your-Drone-To-Work Day
Regardless of how widely local and federal laws allow drones to be used in open airspace, businesses will have relatively free rein to use drones indoors.
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