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Higher Yields And Commodity Prices Intensify Recessions
Commodity prices and inflation expectations (below since 1995) have been following government and central bank stimulus flows higher over the past six months. 
Psychological Foibles Behind Financial Errors
Many of today’s market participants have no first-hand experience of an extended bear market that grinds asset prices lower over many months and does not recover prior highs for many years. 
Pump And Dump Is A Tale As Old As Markets
Pump-and-dump schemes have been suckering in the gullible for centuries. Past major loss cycles have resulted in stiffer regulation and prosecution of perpetrators. 
The Human Ups And Downs Of Market Mania
Lest anyone thinks it is just large-cap tech stocks that are trading to Jupiter these days, the chart of small-cap stock prices (the Russell 2000 index below since 2001) shows an incredible 40% gap above their 200-day moving average.
Public Markets Designed To Fleece The Public
The self-funded propaganda from the grotesquely-enriched few is that all of this ‘sophistication’ helps the masses via market liquidity and cheap trades.
Better Markets Spells Out How A Lawless Financial Sector Robs Its Customers
Better Markets is a public interest 501(c)(3) non-profit based in Washington, DC that advocates for greater transparency, accountability, and oversight in the domestic and global capital and commodity markets.
USD Support Warns Risk-Rally
Between March 23, 2020 and January 5, 2021, the US dollar index (greenback versus the Euro, Yen, Pound, Cdn$, Swiss franc, and Swedish krona) fell 13.2% to test long-term support in the $89 area.
Speculative Mania Is A Losing Game
Decades of data and experience attest that individuals expending their time and emotional energy trading financial instruments may ‘win’ periodically, but almost always end up losing money in the end.
Hypervalued Asset Markets Lock In Negative Future Returns
No matter what hope-filled equity holders wish to believe, facts are not on their side:
A New Trading Year Brings A New Test For The USD And Overconfident Markets
The most defining force in markets globally since March 2020 has been a falling US dollar, which has boosted the price of risk assets on the opposite end of the global markets teeter-totter.
2020 IPOs Tops Previous Record In 1999: Buyers Beware
Initial public offerings (IPOs) allow founders, early investors, and investment bankers to capitalize on hype and cash-out by selling shares to the public.
GM0: 2020 Saw More Crazy Activity Than Anything Since 2000
When does this financial bubble burst? Who can say; that it will, is without a doubt.
Long Time Running
The US Dollar Index (DXY) is bobbing at a 52-week low in the $91 range this week, and stocks and commodities are similarly trading trends looking for direction.
This Is Where We Are
With US equity markets closed for Thanksgiving, the US dollar index (DXY) continues to hover around the $92 long-term support level this morning–its lowest point since May 2018.
All Eyes On The Greenback
After falling 7% since March 2020, the US dollar index has helped fuel a dramatic recovery in risk markets and push speculative sentiment back to record highs.
Stock Holders Face Capital Loss And Negative Return Prospects… No Cake And Eat It Too
One can own stocks in a bubble and lock in poor prospective returns, or buy them after prices burst and enjoy years of steady returns thereafter. There is no cake and eat it too.
1 to 16 of 314 Posts
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