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High-End Realty Supply Weighing On Prices
The third quarter saw a 14% drop in Manhattan property sales.
Negative Rates Erode The Base On Which The Financial System Depends
e infliction by central banks of negative policy rates in the banking system not only thwarts the risk-free presumptions upon which all capital markets are priced but works to drive cash out of the banking system completely.
BNP Analysts: “Death Toll Rings For Gasoline”
As drone attacks on Saudi oil production spike prices above $60 a barrel, a new investor report from French financial giant BNP Paribas notes the market price of oil will have to fall below $20 a barrel within the next decade.
Bear Markets Are Necessary And Inevitable, Use Them Wisely
Financial markets experience loss cycles of more than 20% routinely, but it’s not inevitable that individuals do the same.
New Report: Gas Plants And Pipelines To Be Undercut By Renewables And Storage
A new report by The Rocky Mountain Institute finds that natural gas-fired power plants, which have crushed the economics of coal, will soon be undercut by renewable power and big batteries.
Financial Fragility Hurts Productivity
consumer insolvencies in Ontario–Canada’s most populous province–accelerated in July, growing at a 3-month moving average pace of 17.4%, a level last seen in the 2008-2009 recession.
Sign Of Our Times: Pensions Blacklisting Oil Companies
The movement of investors to divest of their holdings in fossil fuel companies has gathered pace in the last five years.
Berkshire Shares Negative Now For 19 Months And Counting
After rising on QE flows into January 2018, Berkshire shares topped and are down nearly 5% over the past 19 months and counting.
Rejecting The Highly Destructive ‘Shareholder First’ Mentality
Yesterday saw an important first step in the much-needed and multi-faceted transformation toward a sustainable economy and a more stable society.
Oil And Credit Strains Leading Banks And TSX Lower
Rising precious metals stocks this summer have, so far, managed to hold the Canadian stock market (TSX) above the 16,000 level where it has languished, flat since 2017.
GM And VW Double Down On EVs (At Last)
After making the dumb business decision to crush its much loved ahead-of-the-pack electric cars (EV1) in 2002, GM​, along with emission-fraud leader VW, finally, see where the puck is going.
Capital Losses Defeat Investment Return Dreams
In finance theory, expected returns presume a closed universe of compound growth where the income received on assets is continually reinvested without any fees, withdrawals, taxes or principal losses to reduce net gains.
Lower Interest Rates Are Symptoms, Not The Cure
The fact that banks and investors are willing to make zero and negative-rate loans and buy negative-yielding treasuries is not bullish. It’s a symptom of wildly overvalued asset markets and a world slipping deeper into a liquidity crisis.
Cash Shortages Drive Asset Selling In Heavily Levered World
As the longest and most levered expansion cycle in history draws to its inevitable close, a world that borrowed heavily in US dollars over the last decade now becomes shorter and shorter of the currency needed to pay their bills.
Japan Shows How ZIRP And NIRP Policies Decrease Financial Viability
As North America moves near zero (ZIRP) and possibly negative policy rates (NIRP) in the months ahead, Japan remains the leading test case for these experiments, and investors would be wise to take note.
Rate Cuts Coming To Canada Too, But More Will Be Needed
A day after the US Federal Reserve blinked and launched into its first rate-cutting cycle in a decade and abandoned plans to run down its QE-bloated balance sheet, the Bank of Canada might follow the same.
1 to 16 of 226 Posts
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