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Market Cycles And The Give-Back Phase Overdue
Some $15 trillion in central bank liquidity injections helped drive record share buybacks and the price of US stocks this cycle to all-time highs on most historically relevant valuation measurements into the fall of 2018.
Boom-Bust Cycles Have Increased Savings Deficits
Extreme monetary accommodation and share buybacks have extended the last three economic expansion cycles since 1991 but magnified savings and investment deficits through the economy at the same time.
Tapped Out Consumers Driving Retail Losses And Store Closures
A new week and more data suggesting that the credit-driven consumption peak is behind us this cycle.
Canadian Households At Point Of Hard Return
At 1.1%, the Canadian savings rate is today near all-time lows, while Canadian debt is at all-time highs, and unemployment is set to move higher.
Flat Is The New Hot In Canadian Home Prices
So far, Toronto sellers have been holding and hoping that 2017 prices will bounce back, but with clampdowns on money laundering and foreign inflows, the large inventory of properties priced over $2m are less in demand.
In Other News: ‘Synchronized Global Growth Has Collapsed’
Corporations, individual investors and pensions have never been more exposed to the incoming contraction in global spending and risk markets, and so financial pain will compound as this cycle moves to its natural conclusion.
Paying For The Crazy Years: Home Prices Leading Economy Down
The largest headwind for Canadian households, lenders and the economy in 2019-20 is the same force that worked as a tailwind in the decade before: real estate.
Boomers Now ‘Generation Downsize’
Two decades of falling interest rates and rising real estate prices enabled much malinvestment in oversized, expensive-to-maintain homes, that an aging population will want to downsize. This is happening now.
Transports Leading Stock Market And Economy Lower
Transport stocks underperform in the recent rebound since December 24th. With transports off nearly 2% so far today, the lag is widening.
Successful Nations Don’t Eat Their Young
. Eighty-eight percent of millennials filing for insolvency in 2018 were working but earning 3.9% less than the average Canadian debtor and over 10% less than Gen X (born 1965 to 1980) debtors.
North American Treasuries Offer Positive Return Prospects
In today’s world of negative-return alternatives, the positive yields and security of North American treasury bonds remain relatively attractive, with prices likely to rise further as stock markets retreat.
Property Markets And The Road Back To Affordable Shelter
The latest stats on the Vancouver property market are showing encouraging signs of necessary mean reversion.
Abuse Of Trust And Share Buybacks Go Hand In Hand
There are so many compelling reasons to ban share buybacks as the destructive, wasteful, market manipulation that it is–the egregious abuse of trust by insiders selling their shares into the artificial buying strength created is just one.
Canadian Economy Gearing Down In 2019
Downturns are a normal recurring part of every economic cycle, and a decade since the last recession no one should be shocked that weakness has returned.
Realty Insiders Blame Tighter Lending Not Too High Prices And Debt
Nationally, Canadian home sales were down 19% year-over-year in December and the average sale price -4.9%.
High-End Property Inventories Leaping
It is typical of dramatic price appreciation cycles, for people to believe that those with the means to buy expensive assets are somehow impervious to credit cycles, and will continue to buy and not sell.
1 to 16 of 192 Posts
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