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Bankruptcy Wave Delayed, But Building
Government support and payment deferrals have delayed bankruptcies flowing from the COVID-19 triggered depression, but the deadwood is building all the same.
Central Banks Trying Every Trick To Boost Inflation
Even though inflation has averaged less than the official 2% target since 2007, recently, U.S. Fed head Powell threatened that he is willing to tolerate inflation above 3% if that’s what it takes to keep prices moving up.
Sharp Reflation Is Not The Same As Inflation
While central banks and the finance sector continue to tout an inflation narrative, the case for non-transitory effects (and much higher interest rates) remains sketchy thus far.
Bullish Consensus Helps Off-Load Junk To Undiscriminating Buyers
A few recent charts offer clarity on where we are in the present financial cycle.
Peak Inflation Expectations, Are We There Yet?
With more debt and levered risk-taking globally today than ever before, the consensus is betting that this rate cycle will be different and not prompt the next wave of financial instability and risk-aversion.  Maybe, but that would be unprecedented.
April Fools?
Historically, debt booms and speculative frenzies have been inflationary while expanding and then deflationary for years thereafter. It’s hard to see why this one should be different.
Greenback Rebound Stalks The Risk Trade (Again)
The dollar index has strengthened, while the CRB Index–a basket of 19 commodities has lost its earlier momentum.
Four Reasons Wall Street Is Wrong On Inflation
Higher yields are worse for debtors but better for savers as maturing cash can roll into higher-yielding deposits that rise in price when risky assets enter their next well-earned nervous breakdown.
Remember: Inflationary Forecasts Are Needed For Financial Product Sales
As central banks and governments have thrown trillions at inflating asset prices and household incomes over the past year, both have risen sharply, and the parasitic financial sector has made off like bandits once more.
Higher Yields Suggest Attractive Opportunity Set For Cash
Central banks have little power over the five to ten-year bond yields that set consumer borrowing costs, and these have risen violently over the past seven months.
The Unending Canadian Housing Boom?
The average rate on a common fixed-rate mortgage in Canada was a record-low 1.97 percent at the end of 2020.
No Market For Sober Thinkers
The present financial climate is a textbook episode where sober thinking is decried as out of step and worse.
Risk-Seeking Drives Yields Higher Only Until Risky Markets Croak
With debt at historic highs at every level today, leveraged participants, assets, and sectors are even less tolerant to higher rates now than in the past.
Tax Avoidance Has Reached Tipping Point
The argument that raising taxes on the ultra-wealthy will not eliminate government deficits is a red herring. 
James Grant On Bitcoin And Other Bubbles
This segment is a worthwhile overview of the history of interest rates, the Federal Reserve, asset bubbles, and their deleterious effects on the economy and savers.
Wealth Effects From Asset Bubbles And Stimulus Are Transitory
The Canadian economy shrank 5.4% in 2020 (the sharpest annual decline since World War II) despite government transfers that totaled an incredible $20 for every dollar of other income that Canadians lost.
1 to 16 of 347 Posts
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