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Richard Metzger is a cofounder of the Disinformation Company Ltd., a multi-media company responsible for publishing books like "You Are Being Lied to," "Everything You Know is Wrong" and "Why do People Hate America? . His long running website is the ... more


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The Rapid Deterioration Of Detroit According To Google Street View
The following pictorial and video clip show the utterly jaw-dropping deterioration of neighborhoods in Detroit using Google Street View and Bing Street View. What’s shocking is how rapidly the decline happened! A lot of these examples only span five years!
What If We Lived In A Female-Dominated Society Where Women Acted Just Like Men?
A slightly off-topic, slightly disturbing look at what life might be like for a man if he had to live in a female-dominated society.
The Future Of Life On Earth And Capitalism: Are They Compatible?
Scientist and Canadian broadcaster David Suzuki’s environmental non-profit foundation works to “design a vision of Earth in which humans live within the planet’s productive capacity.
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