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Richard Metzger is a cofounder of the Disinformation Company Ltd., a multi-media company responsible for publishing books like "You Are Being Lied to," "Everything You Know is Wrong" and "Why do People Hate America? . His long running website is the ... more


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The Internet Wants Reese’s To Do Something About Net Neutrality Murderer Ajit Pai
Ajit Pai, who is on the fast track to becoming this season’s Martin Shkreli, has gotten major press the past few days as the FCC Chairman blamed for “murdering net neutrality.”
'American Honey’: Cruising The Highways Of A Broken America
I think many us have been there: broke and looking for any kind of gig that will get us enough money to make it from one day to another. The movie takes a closer look.
Dangerous Finds: The Plot Against Trump; Pot Taxes Worth More Than Booze Taxes
Richard Metzger's political and economic roundup. Everything you need to know in brief.
Bank Of Canada Urges ‘Star Trek’ Fans To Stop ‘Spocking’ Their Fivers
Bank of Canada is pleading with Star Trek fans to stop “Spocking” its five dollar bills.
Too Soon: Urban Outfitters Selling Blood Splattered 'Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt'
Companies love to stir up a lil’ controversy. Well Urban Outfitters did just that and is now facing a public backlash after offering for sale a “Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt” with red blotches that could be interpreted as blood stains.
Just Say Bo-No: Mark Hosler Of Negativeland On Apple's 'U2Rusion'
A guest editorial from Mark Hosler of Negativland on Apple’s ‘U2rusion’
Babies Covered With Corporate Logos
Artist Dietrich Wegner’s preverbal infants festooned with corporate logos, known collectively as “Cumulous Brand.” It’s estimated that a child sees 40,000 television commercials in a typical year. Corporations have an intense interest in insinuating themselves into a newborn’s lif
Behold Apple's Hilariously Awful Fashion Line Of 1986
I watched that whole movie about Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher a few weeks ago, and not once did the movie address Apple’s 1986 attempt to show the fashion world how it’s done.
China's Plan For A Floating City Are Breathtakingly Futuristic, Cool, Possibly Unworkable?
These images of a floating city that may actually happen in the relatively near future, gives me that Jetson-y tingle like few things I’ve seen in a very long time. Whether these plans ever get realized or not, these images are just cool.
Chaos Theory: What It Might Look Like If 1500 People Walked And Texted At The Same Time
This Japanese ad, by mobile phone carrier NTT Docomo, purports that one in every five people who walk while using their Smartphone will experience some type of accident or injury.
Bitcoin, The Gateway Drug
It used to be that you bought drugs on Silk Road using Bitcoins, but now you buy Bitcoin drugs with real currency.
Great Idea: Bill Maher On A ‘Maximum Wage’ For The 1%
Bill Maher was on a roll last Friday with a “New Rules” rant about a—ahem—maximum wage. It’s an idea whose time has come.
City Bike Shares Are Great, Except For Having To Use Your Legs, Says Kickstarter Inventor
The ShareRoller, a Kickstarter project, is a little device invented by Jeff Guida. It attaches to the front of a Citi Bike (or the equivalent bike other cities) that will let you surpass the 20-mph barrier with ease.
Well, When You Put It That Way: Capitalism In A Nutshell!
This sign still gets its point across louder than dozens of articles on the American economy do each week… Plus some related recommended reads.
Capitalism In An Eggshell: The San Diego Chicken Explains Free Market Economics
Richard Metzger shares a bizarre film which uses the San Diego Chicken to explain the basic concepts of America's capitalist market economy.
EC Jobs Are Not The Answer: The Big Idea That Libertarians And Socialists Alike Can Agree On?
Allan Sheahen’s important essay on the BIG idea of the “Basic Income Guarantee” concept is a common sense solution to poverty.
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