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Early Optimism Fizzles Out As Bitcoin Fails To Recover Again And Altcoins Bleed Heavily
The cryptocurrency market fails to recover yet again as it closes another week with significant losses across the board. Also, it lost more than $100 billion in market capitalization. We might see the market cap drop below the $1 trillion threshold.
Bitcoin Price Plunge Causes A Massive Drop Below $40,000
Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin dropped below $40,000 despite the positive news that has been flocking into the cryptocurrency space. Despite the opportunity to buy the dip, bulls are hesitant to do so.
Historic Bitcoin Legalization Fails To Move The Market Out Of Bear Territory
The cryptocurrency market continues into bear territory despite important events marking its long-term development in the second week of June 2021. Bitcoin has been dragging for a while. However, this week was a bad period for the altcoins as well.
UK Crypto Businesses Could Cease Operations After Failing To Meet AML Rules
Crypto platforms that refused to stop trading could face heavy fines or lawsuits by the FCA.
Elon Musk Shoots Down Another Promising Market Recovery
The cryptocurrency market comes out slightly on top after a so-and-so week. While most of the altcoins registered decent gains, Bitcoin had to witness its $4,000 surge fly out the window due to another cryptic tweet from Elon Musk.
Crypto Coins That Can Be Staked
Investors should select the best coin to stake from the many given in the cryptocurrency market. Although there are tons of coins available, only a small number of them can guarantee you reliability and profits in the long-term.
Is Dogecoin A Fad Of Short-Term Crypto Trading Fashion?
The internet is currently a buzz over Dogecoin, although this could just be a fad of short-term trading. Let’s dig a little deeper into Dogecoin and short-term cryptocurrency trading.
The Bears Stand Their Ground As Bitcoin And The Altcoins Fail To Recover
The cryptocurrency market is putting an end to May under a strong bear grip. While the last hours of the weekend may witness a slight comeback, it is too little too late for most crypto assets, which have been bleeding for two weeks straight.
U.S. Treasury Decides On A New Crypto Regulation To Take Effect In 2023
Call it the crypto clampdown. The potential to enable criminal activity, including tax evasion, is deemed too great for government to ignore.
Fear Takes Control As Bitcoin Crashes And The Market Cap Drops By Nearly $1T
The cryptocurrency market is ending one of the worst weeks in its history. The bulls were nowhere to be found as a fiery debate on Twitter, fueled by no other than Elon Musk, was enough to cause a massive bloodbath.
HH How To Circumvent A Crypto Market Correction
A very robust bullish market may suddenly swing to rapid decline. A bearish market may also suddenly get an upswing in prices.
Why Experts Believe That ETH Could Draw A Major Pull Back
Research in dune analysis found that 2%–5% of ETH transactions failed due to complications like slippage or inadequate gas prices, the fee needed for the effective conduct of an ethereum blockchain transaction.
What Would The Fate Of Dogecoin Be After Coinbase Listing?
For Dogecoin holders, this time couldn’t be more exciting. The so-called joke coin has appreciated in value. And it seems that the interest it generated isn’t waning anytime soon. Coinbase has announced plans to list Dogecoin in the coming weeks.
VanEck Files For Ethereum ETF As Its Bitcoin ETF Proposal Is On Hold
VanEck Associates Corp. seeks approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to establish an exchange-traded fund called “VanEck Ethereum Trust.”
A Modest Week For Bitcoin, But A Good One For Ethereum And Altcoins
The cryptocurrency market is ending a week of recovery after one of its worst periods in 2021 so far. While there were critical gains across the board, Bitcoin didn’t surge as much. As a result, the crypto sees its market dominance below 49%.
HH Every Major Bitcoin Bull Run Explained
While the market continues to develop, traders can always gain valuable insight by looking at the coin’s previous performances. This approach removes emotion from the equation and helps you to base your investment decision on facts.
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