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Bitcoin Secures $23K, Slope Wallets Get Drained, And Altcoins Lose Ground
The cryptocurrency market showed slight signs of weakness in the first week of August. After an unexpected ascent throughout July, most assets have been seesawing between trading in the red and green. Fortunately, the losses and gains are tiny.
Binance And Mastercard Collab For Card Rollout In Argentina
Binance has joined forces with payments network Mastercard (MA) to bring prepaid crypto cards to Argentinian customers.
How To Protect Yourself From NFT Scams
Users wishing to protect themselves from these scams must know how criminals work before investing in any NFT. 
NFT Floor Price – A Beginner’s Guide
How does one set a floor price that represents an NFT's fair value? And who gets to decide? Here's more about this fundamental concept in the NFT market.
Buying And Selling NFTs – The Most Important Criteria To Consider
NFTs have become more popular than ever, but many investors are still unsure of how to get started in this burgeoning new market.
Bitcoin Nears $24,000, Ethereum Surges Towards $2K, And Altcoins Thrive
The crypto market ended a highly lucrative July, which saw most assets recover important value points. We were talking about a crypto bloodbath only a month ago, but the mid-summer resurgence has been generous for many.
Bitcoin And The Altcoins Surge As The Market Retakes $1 Trillion Cap
The crypto market is finally seeing some better days. Or more precisely, the market is seeing two consecutive weeks of better days. Most of its assets are continuously increasing in value, with some exceeding recent expectations.
Most Banks Are Not Prioritizing Crypto Technology In Near Future: Fed Survey
Just a quarter of surveyed banks called DLT-related investment a “medium” or “high” priority within the next 2 years.
Wall Street Believes BTC Could Yet Fall To 10K
Considering Bitcoin’s recent struggles, several Wall Street investors expect the leading crypto to rather sink to $10k support than rising soon.
Bitcoin Recovers $20K, Altcoins Thrive, Fed Calls For Urgent Crypto Regulations
The crypto market is making a good start to July, with visible recoveries for most of its assets. Even the market capitalization has increased by $50 billion this week. However, not everything is rosy in crypto as authorities call for regulations.
Bitcoin Below $20K Again As The Crypto Market Loses $100 Billion
The crypto market closed June on a downtrend and entered July in a bloodbath. It seems that the green candles from 10 days ago were only deceiving signs of recovery. As this week concludes, we can clearly observe a worrying situation.
Electricity Consumption In Bitcoin Mining Industry Plunges 36% Amid Bear Market
At the moment, a single BTC transaction currently consumes 1,438.96 kWh. This is equivalent to the energy use of an average US household over 49.32 days.
Bitcoin Climbs Back Above $21K, Altcoins Recover, Market Cap Nears $1 Trillion Again
The crypto market is finally closing a week with most of its assets trading in the green after a month-long bloodbath. Even the market capitalization has increased by $90 billion, nearing the $1 trillion mark after dipping below it last week.
JP Morgan Says BTC Selloff Might Worsen If Miners Continue Offloading
The increasing pressure for Bitcoin miners to sell their holdings could further exacerbate the bear market, American multinational investment bank JPMorgan Chase strategists said in a note on June 24.
Bitcoin Goes Below $20K, Celsius Halts Withdrawals, Fear-Uncertainty-Doubt Reigns Over The Market
The crypto market is facing one of its worst periods since the 2020 crash. Following a steady decrease, the market cap has dropped below the $1 trillion mark, and most assets are bleeding. These times see fear, uncertainty, and doubt ruling markets.
Elon Musk, SpaceX Face $258 Billion Lawsuit For Promoting Dogecoin
The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, is facing a lawsuit filed after Dogecoin, the crypto he promoted, dropped to a nadir.
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