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CoT Bonds Speculators Drop 10-Year Treasury Note Bets To 100-Week Low
Highlighting the CoT bonds data is the positioning in the 10-Year Bond futures market. The 10-Yr saw the largest decline of speculator bets this week in all the markets we cover.
CoT Metals Speculators Drop Gold Bullish Bets For 2nd Week To 12-Week Low
The overall net Gold position is now below the +200,000 contract level for the first time in 12 weeks.
CoT Currency Speculators Raise Their Euro Bets Into Bullish Territory
Highlighting the CoT currency data is the bounce back into bullish territory for the Euro in the currency futures contracts. Euro speculators boosted their bets for a fourth consecutive week this week
COT Forex Speculators U.S. Dollar Index Bullish Bets Climb To 117-Week High
Highlighting the COT currency data is the continued strength in the US Dollar Index futures bets. Speculators raised their bullish bets in the Dollar Index for a third consecutive week.
COT Forex Speculators Edged US Dollar Index Bullish Bets To 115-Week High
Highlighting the COT currency data was the continued strong run of bullish bets in Dollar Index currency futures contracts. Dollar Index speculator bets rose for the 2nd straight week last week and for the 15th time out of the past nineteen weeks.
COT Currency Speculators Boost US Dollar Index Bullish Bets After 2 Down Weeks
Highlighting the COT currency data was the bounce back in the US Dollar Index bullish positions after 2 straight down weeks. The speculative bets for the dollar index rose by the largest one-week total of the past eleven weeks.


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VIX Speculators Boosted Their Bearish Bets For 7th Time In 8 Weeks
2 years ago

HI Seth, These traders are classified by the CFTC specifically as non-commercial traders (aka speculators). These are large traders or entities (hedge funds,etc) that are in the futures markets in order to profit on market moves as opposed to the commercial trader category, which is made up of traders or entities that use the futures markets usually to hedge business interests or positions. The third category is the small traders which can be a mix of speculators and hedgers but are too small (in position sizing) to be placed in one of the other baskets.

You can read more about it at CFTC site:

In this article: VIX
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