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Cory Mitchell is an independent trader and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) specializing in pattern-based and statistical strategies. He is the founder of, a website dedicated to trader education and discussion. Graduating with a business degree, Mitchell has been ... more


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S&P 500 Remains Strong But Gold And Silver Deserve Center Stage
The stock market as represented by the S&P 500 remains strong, with the potential for a small pullback. Gold and silver are more interesting, as they are technically poised for a major advance.
Stock Market Firmly In Bullish Territory
The US stock market is firmly in bullish territory with a breakout to new highs this past week. There are a host of highly reliable statistics that point to further upside over the next 6 months to a year.
Is Now A Good Time To Be Swing Trading?
A common problem in trading is not trading at the right time, trading too often, or not capitalizing when opportunities are present.
Gold Will Setup For Another Buying Opportunity, But Not Yet
Gold is in an uptrend after a multi-year bottoming pattern. Don’t worry about chasing the price as it moves higher. The price is likely to experience a significant pullback which will provide another buying opportunity. Here’s how to capitalize.
S&P 500 Breaks Through Support. Target Areas To Watch
The S&P 500 has broken through support, which is an old resistance areas from the 2018 and earlier 2019 highs.
Uptrend With RSI Pullback Stock Screen For Trading Opportunities
Use this screen or filter to find stocks that are in an uptrend but that have recently pulled back.
Should You Swing Trade Or Day Trade? The Pros And Cons Of Each
Swing trading is taking trades that last more than a day; typically several days to several weeks (even months). Day trading is taking at least one, but usually multiple trades each day, but closing all those positions before the end of the day.
US Stocks Falter But A Few Remain Strong
In both the US and Candian markets, fewer and fewer stocks are showing up on scans that meet uptrending criteria.
UK Share Prices Watch: Vodafone And Informa Rise
Vodafone (LON:VOD) and Informa (LON:INF) are among the UK share prices to watch on a relatively quiet corporate Friday with analyst comments moving the former and a trading update lending support to the latter.
UK Share Prices Watch: Just Eat Sinks
Low-cost airline easyJet has expectedly been one of today’s UK share prices to watch this Friday, after updating investors on its interim performance. Just Eat meanwhile has tumbled to the bottom of the blue-chip leaderboard.
Day Trading EUR/USD In Low Volatility (Trade Examples)
When volatility is low, we need to be very clear about when we will day trade and when we won’t. 2019 has witnessed near historic lows in volatility for the EUR/USD.
Comparing Stocks With The Percentage Price Oscillator
PPO vs. MACD: The two indicators are nearly identical, except that the PPO is scaled using percentages, while MACD is based on price.
AUD/USD Seasonality – Best Times Of The Year To Buy And Sell
The Australian dollar has seasonal tendencies, and we can see them by looking at the following seasonal chart of Aussie dollar futures, which are traded relative to the USD.
2008 Financial Crisis And Stock Crash, Causes And Lessons
The 2008 financial crisis resulted from a buildup of financial problems during 2003 to 2007, all while the US stock market moved higher. Starting in 2007 and then throughout 2008 the stock market collapsed under fears of a financial system meltdown.
GBP/USD And British Pound Futures Seasonality – Best Times Of Year To Buy And Sell
The British Pound has seasonal tendencies, and we can see them by looking at the following seasonal chart of Pound futures, which are traded relative to the USD.
Best And Worst Forex And Commodity Performers In April (Seasonality)
Here are the currencies and commodities that do well or poorly in April, historically.
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