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Cory Mitchell is an independent trader and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) specializing in pattern-based and statistical strategies. He is the founder of TradeThatSwing, a website dedicated to trader education and discussion. Graduating with a business degree, Mitchell has been trading ... more

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The Definitive Guide On Forex Pip Value Calculation
The pip value when forex trading affects how much you will make or lose, in your own currency, for each pip the price moves. Pip value is based on the lot size, the currency pair/exchange rate, and the account currency.
EURUSD Day Trading Strategy Review For March: +76R Potential, Minus Commissions
This is how the EURUSD day trading strategies I use performed during the month of March. The results are broken down based on the potential for each strategy. Executing every trade perfectly is not easy, so actual trading results will be lower.
Are My ETFs Or Mutual Funds Too Expensive? See How Much They Are Costing You
In this article I’ll discuss how high fees can hurt you -- and paying 1% per year is very high in some circumstances. So we will look at what high and low actually are. I will also discuss some low-cost ETFs.
US And Canadian Stock Swing Trading Watchlist - Wednesday, Mar. 17
The stock market is healthy and rising (not a forecast). The Nasdaq 100 was lagging for a bit, but it is once again running higher as well.
Drastically Improve Day Trading Results With These Practices
These trading practices have the potential to dramatically improve results. Day trading is a mentally engaging process, and these practices are designed to keep us alert and focused, yet relaxed and confident. All key ingredients for trading well.
EURUSD Day Trading Strategy Week In Review (Feb. 1 Thru 5)
This week had a lot of profit potential, while the prior week did not. But that’s why I just keep doing what I am doing. The strategies work well, even though market condtions aren’t ideal all the time.
EURUSD Day Trading Strategy Week In Review (Jan 19 To 22)
Lessons learned, and what to focus on next week.
Forex Day Trading EURUSD Weekly Review - Learning To Focus
Monday are Friday were decent for me, while Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were grinds with not much movement during the two-hour window trade. This is my breakdown from the trading week of Jan. 11 to Jan. 15, 2021.
Forex Day Trading EURUSD Weekly Review – Lessons Learned And Things To Focus On
Win rate isn’t that important with a good reward:risk. Even a 40% win rate with that kind of R:R would net over 5R for the week (with the mistakes…and a lot more if based on Potential R.
Swing Trading Stock Watchlist For The New Year
The stock market is in good shape according to market health indicators. I am taking valid long trades as I see them. Here are the stock swing trading watchlists for Contraction Continuation Patterns for the US and Canadian markets as of Jan. 2.
How To Day Trade Stocks With A Trend Strategy - Entries, Exits, And Risk Management
Learn how day trade stocks, including how to enter and exit trades, manage risk, find stocks to trade, what time to trade, and what indicators to use. An intraday strategy that produces multiple trades and requires less than 2 hours of day trading.
The Real Reasons Most Traders Lose Money Day Trading Or Swing Trading
These are the reasons most traders lose money: systematic reasons, lack of research and practice, psychological issues, and trading mistakes. Find out how to enter the winner's circle.
The Cup And Handle Swing Trading Strategy - Explosive, Consistent Price Moves
The cup and handle strategy for stocks is one of my favorites. The strategy captures consistent and often explosive price moves/profits. The pattern is easy to find and trade, although there are some very specific traits you will want to look for.
The Aggressive One-Bar Trailing Stop Loss For Quick Trades
The one-bar, or one-candle trailing stop loss, aggressively moves the stop loss as each bar or candle closes. This reduces risk quickly, locks in profits, and prevents holding through a pullback.
The EURUSD Failed Technical Turnaround Day Trading Strategy
When the EURUSD makes a "head fake", use this day trading strategy to capitalize.
Know How Long A Trade Could Last, Before Entering
Knowing how a long trade may last has multiple benefits. Before taking a trade, write down or be aware of how long similar trades have typically taken before reaching a profitable exit, such as a profit target or trailing stop loss.
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