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I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers and asset managers in commodities, money markets, capital markets, equities and foreign exchange.

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Epidemics, Economic Growth And Stock-Market Performance – An Historical Perspective
Given the continued lack of clarity about COVID-19 in terms of numbers infected and numbers suffering, it may seem futile to attempt to gauge the potential economic impact of the current Coronavirus outbreak.
When The Facts Change
The coronavirus is a human tragedy, but the markets remain sanguine.
US Bonds – 2030 Vision – A Decade In The Doldrums
Having reached their yield low at 1.32% in July 2016, US 10yr bond yields have been locked in, just shy of, a 2% range for the last two and half years (subsequent high 3.25% and low 1.43%).
The Beginning Of The End Of Uncertainty For The UK
The UK election result was a clear mandate for Brexit. A UK/EU free-trade agreement may not be ready by December 2020. Uncertainty remains but real economic progress can now begin.
Leveraged Loans – History Rhyming?
Despite three Federal Reserve rate cuts, leveraged loan credit quality is rapidly declining.
Fragility – What The US Money-Market Squeeze Means For The Future
Last month’s squeeze in overnight domestic US$ funding rattled markets. The Fed responded rapidly but the problem has been growing for some time. Market fragility stems from problems in the transmission mechanism.
Value, Momentum And Carry – Is It Time For Equity Investors To Switch?
Index tracking and growth funds have outperformed value managers for several years.
Uncertainty And The Countdown To The US Presidential Elections
During the next year, markets will continue to gyrate erratically, driven by the politics of European budgets, Brexit and the Sino-US trade war.
Chinese Currency Manipulation – Trump’s Petard
The Chinese Yuan will weaken if Trump pushes for higher tariffs.
Low Yield, No Yield, Negative Yield – Buy Now But Don’t Forget To Sell
The amount of negative-yielding fixed securities has hit a new record.
Interest Rates, Global Value Chains And Bank Reserve Requirements
Despite low interest rates, financial costs remain too high.
Gold – Is It All That Glistens?
Uncertainty about US trade policy has truncated the rally in stocks; a collapse in the US$ is needed for gold to rally substantially.
EC Trade Wars, The Prospects For Freer Trade And The Impact On Asset Prices
Has the era of freer trade ended? Will asset prices suffer?
Debasing The Baseless – Modern Monetary Theory
MMT is too radical to be adopted in full but the allure of fiscal expansion is great.
Global Real Estate – Has The Tide Begun To Recede?
Despite the fourth quarter shakeout in stocks, real-estate values keep rising.
China In Transition - From Manufacturer To Consumer
China is evolving from a current account surplus to deficit country.
1 to 16 of 62 Posts
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